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Big Ed Talks Romance with '90 Day Fiance' Rosemarie

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By A. Elise

One of the biggest stars on the new season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is Ed -- better known as Big Ed. Ed, who says he has been single for almost 30 years, is 54 years old. On the TLC show, Big Ed says he has met the love of his life with the help of social media.

On the latest episode of the show, Big Ed showed off his sparkling personality, which many fans believe makes up for his smaller stature, to charm new girlfriend Rosemarie. Big Ed arrives in the Philippines to meet his 23-year-old love for the very first time. He shows up with an engagement ring and a plan -- but will it work out?

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If you haven't been counting, that's an age gap of over 30 years. This gap is one of the reasons why Ed's daughter has a problem with the relationship. In fact, Rosemarie is younger than Ed's daughter. Many fans of the show (and even of Ed) agree that his daughter's concerns are founded.

Of course, Ed is not the only person in the 90 Day Fiance universe with a large age gap affecting his romance. For example, Angela and Michael, who is from Nigeria, also have a significant difference in age.

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There are also a few other issues with Big Ed's relationship. In fact, he's lied to Rosemarie about his height. He added a few inches to his description to Rosemarie. Additionally, Ed failed to tell Rosemarie that he does not want to have to have anymore children, though she has been open about wanting at least another child.

Many 90 Day Fiance cast members have been dishonest about some aspects of their appearance and likes to their distant romantic partners, so Ed is not the first.

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Big Ed sat down to discuss how his relationship with Rosemarie has been going. Ed speaks on meeting with Rosemarie for the first time on social media. He was intrigued by her "beautiful eyes" and decided to just start chatting with her. Soon, they were video chatting and sending pictures back and forth. Ed described the connection as instant, and he was seemingly smitten right away based on her personality.

According to Ed, he and Rosemarie are not worried about the age difference. He believes that age is just a number.

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Ed also gets real about the biggest problems he has faced because of his relationship. He says, "The hardest thing through this whole process was the effect that this had on my daughter. My daughter is six years older than Rosemarie." Fortunately, it does appear that Ed was able to reconnect with his daughter at the airport.

Of course, Ed's story is still unfolding on the show, so he is seemingly not able to reveal the status of his relationship. He does say that his trip to the Philippines was "an amazing experience, full of adventure, full of drama, full of excitement and beauty." To see what happens, viewers will have to continue tuning in to the show on Sunday nights.

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