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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt With Kids

Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Put the Kids First When it Comes to Parenting

Gettyimages | Jun Sato
By Jacob Highley

Ever since the divorce, Brad and Angelina have been a topic of hot discussion. Questions about what would happen with their kids, their relationship, and their careers quickly became some of the most read topics.

While their relationship has degraded some (which is to be expected) they have been co-raising their children since 2019 with an amicable attitude towards each other when it comes to the kids.

Surprisingly, Angelina has come forward actually praising Brad as a parent to their kids!

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Angelina Says Brad Is A Great Parent


I find celebrity relationships quite interesting. For many fans of both Angelina and Brad, they can't see any reason why they should still be nice to each other after a divorce.

Yet the two of them have shown a distinct level of maturity by putting aside their differences to raise their kids.

They both have big hearts for children. Both Brad and Angelina have adopted together and individually. Angelina says that Brad is very involved with the kids and makes time for them amidst a busy schedule.

Why Did They Breakup?

girl and boy breakup
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There are a lot of rumors circulating about Brad's next romantic relationship and Angelina has made it clear that she isn't getting involved in his choices except when it involves the kids.

Brad played a difficult part in "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood", he made some ominous comments which fans have speculated was another way to disclose his difficulties with Angelina.

They faced some difficulties that were just too great. The celebrity pressure, the responsibilities with the kids and the time spent apart from each other took its tole.

Angelina More Concerned With Her Kids

Angelina Jolie
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Quite a few interviews featured Angelina where she said her first priority is to her kids. She says Brad is a great parent,and has chosen to move on, not letting her breakup get to her.

Fans have been in big support of Angelina on her social media, and Brad has also been receiving support after Angelina complimented him in recent news.

I thought it was so sweet that they both adopted orphans and had 3 kids of their own. I'm glad to see that they still prioritize their children.

Brad Skips BAFTAs To Be With Kids

Brad Pitt
Gettyimages | Matt Winkelmeyer

Yet another reason Angelina was impressed with Brad. He skipped the BAFTAs to be with one of their daughters during her surgery.

Fans gave big support to them during the period and were glad to hear that things worked out amidst great concern for two of their children.

Considering the latest news about Brad's possible role in the MCU, and Angelina's upcoming role in "Come Away" I expect the news will be exploding with exclusives very soon.

Overall, I'm happy that Brad and Angelina have managed to co-parent so well. Stay tuned, you'll be seeing a lot more of them soon!

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