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Heather McDonald Can Resume Her Friendship With At Least One Of These RHOC Wives After Lawsuit Is Dismissed

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By Ona L

Heather McDonald is finally getting candid about the weird implications of having been sued by former “Real housewives of Orange County” husband Jim Bellino. To give you a refresher, McDonald got drawn into a lawsuit against Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador courtesy of Jim Bellino. The women were accused of defaming his character on McDonald’s podcast, “Juicy Scoop" back in the summer of 2019. McDonald, unfortunately, got caught up because it was her podcast, she gave these women the platform to defame their former cast member.

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McDonald explained that once the lawsuit was filed the women who she considers good, long time friends were no longer allowed to speak to her. You know legal issues and all. "Once they got sued and hired attorneys, we weren't allowed to speak to each other." The podcast host shared with “TooFab” more interesting details. "That was the other heartbreaking part - I've been friends with Tamra for over 10 years, I went to her wedding, ya know. Shannon too, I adore Shannon, we were real friends."

Heather McDonald at an event
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McDonald went on to explain that she has now not spoken to her good friends in over a year. McDonald claims that the conversation wasn’t anything horrible. It began during her session of, “the hottest topics of the day.” It was revealed that Bellino filed for divorce from his wife Alexis Bellino and was oddly asking for spousal support. McDonald claims that their discussion came more from confusion than anything else. "There was always the story line that they were super Christian and she came from his rib." McDonald explained her point further. “And she's not to work at Channel 5 News in San Diego. So I thought it was interesting that he's asking for spousal support when all we saw on the reality show was that he never wanted his wife to work, so what career does she currently have that she could pay the support.”

Shannon Beador and Heather McDonald at Watch What Happens Live
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Bellino ended up suing Judge and Beador first, then later adding in McDonald for giving them the platform. Thankfully for Beador, her case has been dismissed as well but Judge is still in hot water with his lawyers. McDonald is now breathing a sigh of relief as she tells “TooFab” how the whole ordeal affected her. "I wanted to crawl in a hole and quit. It was the worst thing in my life next to my parents dying. Horrible.” McDonald elaborated, “you just second guess everything and you wake up in the middle of the night and you're just freaking out. And, of course, it's very, very expensive to fight this kind of thing.”

Heather McDonald at an event
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She can’t get too excited about the thought of re-kindling her friendships just yet, Bellino has already appealed the decision but McDonald is ready for him. Her lawyers plan on filing paperwork to have her lawyer fees reimbursed. "Now having won this part, I'm like bring it on!" says McDonald. Hopefully, she and her girls can all get together after this drama and talk trash but on a much smaller scale like say, over drinks and not being recorded for a show that will later be available to millions of people. Damn, can’t people just do their jobs without being sued?

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