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Kate Beckinsale poses for photographers

Kate Beckinsale Responds to Backlash Caused by Harvey Weinstein Story

Gettyimages | Jamie McCarthy
By Chris Barilla

Kate Beckinsale spurred a bit of a social media frenzy earlier this week after she revealed an instance of sexual misconduct at the hands of former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

The actress shared the story to Instagram on Wednesday, revealing a 2001 instance of derogatory language and sexual misconduct by Weinstein towards her following the premiere​​ of the movie 'Serendipity.' Following the highly revealing post, a wave of backlash came at the actress, who responded promptly to defend her story and her point.

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In her candid Instagram post, Beckinsale detailed their alleged encounter, which stemmed from a "playdate" arranged between her and Weinstein's children.

"I turned up and he immediately called for his nanny to take the babies to another room to play. I went to go with them and he said 'No, you wait here .' The minute the door closed he started screaming 'you stupid f****** C***, you C*** you ruined my premiere .' I had no idea what he was talking about and started to shake," the actress explained

Kate Beckinsale poses for photographers
Gettyimages | Tommaso Boddi

He said, 'If I am throwing a red carpet you get in a tight dress, you shake your a** you shake your t*** you do not go down it looking like a f****** lesbian you stupid f****** c*** ,'" she concluded.

The encounter, according to Beckinsale, took place at the New York City 'Serendipity' premiere, which was directly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Although a majority of the responses to Beckinsale's post were positive and in support of the actress and other victims, there were a few that decided to attack her in some ways, which she decided to address.

Kate Beckinsale photographed candidly
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One user decided to question the actress why she even took her child to the playdate she mentioned in her post, which prompted a wordy response.

"He was my boss," she responded to the commenter, "He had not so far been abusive nor had I seen any evidence on the one movie I did with him. He couched it as a play date for our kids. I had no idea it wasn’t that or that I had done anything that could be perceived as wrong."

Harvey Weinstein photographed candidly
Gettyimages | Scott Heins

Another user decided to comment in support of Beckinsale's response to the previous statement, to which she said, "oh I know.i think she thinks I gaily took my child to a known rapists house. I had no idea what was coming partly because the element of shock and surprise is one of the things he got off on."

Following this, another comment was posted questioning Beckinsale's timing, saying, "But one question. WHY HAVE YOU ALL BEEN SILENT ALL THIS TIME??? And as soon as he was sent to prison, you all started telling us the truth????"

She responded simply with, "That’s not when it started."

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