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This Is The Food That Keeps JLo Young And Shining

Gettyimages | Amy Sussman/SHJ2019
By Rima Pundir

Jennifer Lopez may be a diva today, but she has worked incredibly hard to reach where she is. From being someone who was written off as too dark and too "Latino" to appeal to the American movie watcher, to being one of the most in-demand singers, actors, and overall entertainers today, JLo is no longer just a successful diva. She is a brand, that sells like hotcakes. Along with with being a mother, and a businesswoman, she also has to keep herself looking a certain way. And this is how she does it...

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Jennifer Lopez Works Out Seriously

Gettyimages | Theo Wargo

You can't have a body as buff as this without some serious workouts, and JLo makes sure to get in some moves despite intensely busy days. She rocks dresses at 50 that starlets half her age may not be able to carry that well, and she does it by simply challenging herself on an everyday basis. She keeps changing her fitness routine, never sticking to one single thing, believing that a challenging routine keeps her on her toes, and interested in exercise.

She Eats Very Healthy

Gettyimages | Leon Bennett

So Jennifer Lopez prefers to eat as healthy as she can, and that means a lot of lean protein like chicken and fish. She also prefers to fill her plate with complex carbs like brown rice, quinoa, and sweet potatoes. Fruits and vegetables are a must and she also stays away from packaged food, even when it comes to snacks. The food she eats doesn't just have to be nourishing, it also has to give her the energy to sustain her during crazy busy days.

She Does Go On Crash Diets At Times

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

Of course, most actors need to look a certain way for certain roles. So when she took on the role for Hustlers, JLo had to lose even more weight. So she did go on a crazy crash diet, which was "no sugar, no carbs", a diet that would have most of us climbing the walls with cravings. These are only one-offs though, with JLo's trainer, Tracy Anderson confirming that mostly JLo eats consistently, and chooses organic, fresh and nutritionally dense food.

Her Coffee Preference Is A Bit Wacky

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

Most of us, rich and famous or not, do have certain quirks when it comes to food. Like James Bond, who likes it shaken, not stirred. The same way, Jennifer Lopez, also has a strange if sweet coffee preference. And no, it's not about the coffee beans, or the cup, or the milk put in it. JLo likes her coffee stirred anti-clockwise. Which, as we all know it, does not add or detract from the coffee's taste, flavor or its nutritional value in any bit. But it does make JLo sound a lot more human...

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