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Lil Yachty Faces Criticism After Releasing New Music Video for Single 'Oprah's Bank Account'

Gettyimages | Scott Dudelson
By Imani Ford

This Georgia born rapper finally addressed what everyone had to say about him wearing a wig for his new music video. His new single titled “Oprah’s Bank Account” shows him pretending to be Orpah. If anyone has a Twitter, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen what everyone has had to say. Half of his fans were supportive of his new look but other fans, not so much. Lil Yachty who is known for a few hit songs like ‘1 Night’ and ‘Peek A Boo,’ had a lot to say about other people’s opinions.

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‘Oprah’s Bank Account’

Giphy | Lil Yachty

‘Oprah’s Bank Account’ is one of Lil Yachty’s single for his upcoming fourth album Lil Boat 3. The single includes DaBaby and Drake. Produced by Earl on the Beat and released by the record label Quality Control, the song finally released on March 9, 2020. This date is not any date either. He released this song on the 4th anniversary of his debut mixtape ‘Lil Boat.’ Initially, the hip-hop rapper didn’t plan to have any features but after Drake and DaBaby showed interest in being on the track, things changed.

Music Video

Giphy | Lil Yachty

Directed by Director X, this music video shows Lil Yachty playing a knock-off Oprah named Boprah. This 9-minute music video / short movie opens with the crowd chanting “Boprah.” This is when Lil Yachty comes through the door as Boprah. He greets in a live studio audience with smiles and hi-fives as he makes his way to the stage. While also acting like a talk show host, he looks at the camera and raps at the same time. He then goes on to first interview Drake.

Giphy | Lil Yachty

After Drake finishes his verse, the music stops, and this is when the laughs start. The interview questions and responses made a joke out of common things people say about the rapper. Drake jokes about his appearance when he was younger and reaching his highest LSD (Light-Skinned Capability). Drake even made fun of Lil Yachty’s rapping. He then goes on to interview himself during a cooking segment. Boprah then does a house interview and interviews DaBaby. He pokes fun at DaBaby and says that his whole album sounds like one song. He even questions where DaBaby’s going when DaBaby says his well-known lyric “Let’s Go!”

Lil Yachty’s Response

Gettyimages | Josh Brasted

After the video was released and fans started expressing their opinions, here is what Lil Yachty had to say in response. "B---h it's just supposed to be entertaining... it ain't even that deep," he tweeted. "All n***as so in denial with y'all masculinity shit like this bother y'all." Even though some people disapproved of his appearance in the video, it seems to be doing well. The video hasn’t even been released a week, and it’s almost 10 at million views. Hopefully, this single and video will be the promotion he needs for his upcoming album.

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