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Is Nicki Minaj Safe?

Gettyimages | Jamie McCarthy
By kenadijiba

Is Nicki Minaj safe? With all the hoopla surrounding what's been occurring with her now husband Kenneth Petty, she might have been better off sticking it out with Meek Mill. Their relationship in comparison to what she's dealing with now seems like a walk in the park. It's understandable that with Petty she probably feels comfortable and trusting because of their history. This is common for celebrities to stick with those they knew from the beginning because weeding out those who want to use you, versus those who genuinely like you, is a challenge.

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Should Have Stayed Single

Unsplash | Joshua Rawson-Harris

Still, she could have waited it out in her vivacious singledom and found someone else without this level of baggage. All the things he has been tried and convicted of for most of the population are not forgivable. Why she gave him a pass initially is beyond not just casual listeners of her music, but her devoted fanbase of Barbs who don't see what she finds attractive about him. From the rebirth of their relationship social media warned her endlessly this isn't the road to go down.

Taking On His Baggage

Gettyimages | Prasert Krainukul / EyeEm

The complications revolving around him allegedly not registering his status as a sex offender in another state is not solely affecting his life, but also Nicki’s. Since he has to have tabs kept on him by government officials because of his past record, Nicki’s own personal information is at risk. Honestly, she must really adore Kenneth to be putting up with this never ending drama. If the two do have children soon then that's an entire new bridge they'll have to cross which is bound to result in more issues.

Wendy Williams

Gettyimages | Astrid Stawiarz

A public figure whose known for saying whatever she wants to, is Wendy Williams. Wendy appeared on her show and dove deep into this topic basically trashing the absolute hell out of Nicki. The main point listed was that Nicki should have never married Kenneth, point blank period. She also said Nicki has ruined everything her brand is and everything it could be. People who came not necessarily to the defense of Nicki, but to check Wendy said that she was being hypocritical due to how her marriage went down.

Make Your Own Decisions

Giphy | TLC

Ultimately we as people all make our own decisions. In five to ten years maybe Nicki will come to her senses and realize this isn't the move she should've made. That she's probably wasting more precious time in these moments of dealing with all his past woes, when she could be with a man who has his life together and ensures her safety just by abiding the rules of law. The glamour really has faded when it comes to the sexy trap of being with a “bad boy”.

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