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Lindsay Lohan dons all black in a previous upload to her Facebook profile.

5 Celebs You Can Talk to on Cameo During Your Social-Distancing, INCLUDING Lindsay Lohan!

Lindsay Lohan | Facebook
By Alyssa McCraw

It's probably not a wise idea to go to Mykonos right now, but that doesn't mean you can't party like you're there! Lindsay Lohan has joined a host other celebs and public figures to join the Cameo platform. If you haven't heard of Cameo, their website simply explains that they provide "video messages from your favorite people." Prices for personalized clips can be for any occasion, any person, and vary in both length and price. While you can snag some words from a semi-celeb for around $15, LiLo's price tag is slightly more hefty.

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Yeah, we realize that might have been the understatement of the year: try about 37 times more hefty! A video from Cady Herron will cost you a whopping $550 United States bucks! But don't worry, you'll receive a video that lasts anywhere from three-to-four seconds!

Probz not worth it. But hey, if you stan Lindsay and have the cash to throw around (or your company offers to pay out your vacation days bc coronavirus), then you do you!

Never fear, though: we've found several other Cameo faves that are way more affordable who put out a much better product to their paying clients.

Debbie Gibson poses at her piano in a sparkly red, black-and-white ensemble to promote her Cameo videos in preparation for Valentine's Day earlier this year.
Debbie Gibson | Facebook

A super popular option is that of Debbie Gibson. For $150, Gibson provides very personable, energetic greetings that are usually shot at her home piano and usually include a song! Her turnaround time is typically seven hours which is great if you're in a crunch.

Fans of ABC's The Bachelor can snag a "hello" from season 20's Ben Higgins for $100. It's slightly disappointing that his clips are seriously just clips (around :30-1:00). But, he'll still get back to you in about two days.

Giacomo Gianniotti promotes the film "Living Undocumented."
Gettyimages | Charley Gallay

Also on the ABC train, this one's super sweet! Giacomo Gianniotti of Grey's Anatomy (Dr. Andrew DeLuca) charges $200, but 100% of his proceed go to benefit a charity called "My Friends Place," an organization aiding the homeless youth in Los Angeles.

And for price of only $95, we really don't think that John Tucker Must Die any longer. That's right! Jesse Metcalfe's beautiful face can invade you (or your friend's) inbox within 48 hours, and he's received a 4.9/5 star rating for her services. Sign us up!

A "legally blonde" Lindsay takes a selfie shared to her social profiles in 2017.
Lindsay Lohan | Facebook

Although we're disappointed (but not surprised) by Lindsay Lohan's fee, we do have to give it up to Cameo for the excellent verbiage in their announcement. "She taught us how to pierce ears with an apple at summer camp," and also, "that the limit does not exist." It also made us realize that they did not, in fact use a lemon, but an apple. We were so disturbed by the fact that we had deceived ourself for 22 years that we've placed the clip below for your viewing.

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