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Most Movie Theaters Are Still Open, But That Won't Last Long

By Mario Perez

If you haven't already heard, the Coronavirus pandemic is no joke and all branches of government are wanting to make sure that people are able to stay safe. Overall the entertainment industry has come to a standstill. Pretty much every sports league in America has postponed their games. Except for those guys that are still playing golf down in Florida.

Disney has also closed its theme parks. Some city streets are practically ghost towns. Yet in some cases, movie theaters have not been closed down!

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The Law Allows Some Theaters To Stay Open

Unsplash | Michael

There is basically one main reason why movie theaters in some areas are able to continue to operate. This really depends on what type of measure the local government has passed down in that particular area. It is an issue that is going to come down to numbers.

Most states have set temporary bans on gatherings of more than 250 people. The main reason why some theaters are still open is that they don't hold that many people. It is really just as simple as that.

Does That Make It Safe To Go To A Movie Theater?

Unsplash | Kai Pilger

Are you going to be safer at the movie theater, then you are going to be in the supermarket maybe? The idea behind not allowing large crowds to gather is to help prevent the Coronavirus from spreading faster.

In theory, if you go to a movie theater you would have less of a chance to catch the virus than at an arena. That does not necessarily mean that sitting in a movie theater is going to be as safe as sitting at home. Going to the movies is not the best idea in the world right now.

The Studios Are Going To Lose A lot of Money

Giphy | Walt Disney Studios

When it comes to sports leagues and other events, the impact is going to be felt more on the side of the fan that was going to Coachella for example. They may have invested on a plane ticket and lodging that they won't get back even if the event is canceled. Although there is going to be an impact for the organizers of the event, they could make at least most of their money back at a later date. With movies, things are just different.

Studios Are Scrambling to Figure Out What To Do

Unsplash | freestocks

If a movie was set to come out this weekend or next weekend, it is not going to do as well at the box office. Even if most movie theaters would remain open. Disney has pushed back the opening date for their movie Mulan, but they may just be better off putting it on, Disney Plus.

All of the marketing for months has pointed to one release date and then changing at the last second, or even releasing at a time where people are afraid to go to the movies could see a lot of these films losing money.

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