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Emporio Armani David Beckham Advert

Victoria Beckham Defends Husband's Manhood: 'It Is Like A Tractor Exhaust Pipe!'

Gettyimages | Steve Jennings
By Jacob Highley

Recently, David Beckham has been receiving some doubts about his 'parts' in the Emporio Armani underwear advert which was just released.

He and his wife both featured as models, but David received unexpected responses from viewers.

Viewers and even close friends of David's have claimed that his pictures were doctored to look better below the belt. His photoshoot started a controversy and many people have been talking about it online.

To many people's surprise, his wife Victoria came forward to address these claims,and defended her husband's 'manhood' with some rather colorful wording.

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Victoria Called David "Golden Balls"


If you haven't seen Victoria's and David's interview where she reveals that she calls him "Golden Balls" you have missed out! It became a media sensation and is still one of the funniest moments for them on camera.

In regards to recent comments about David's size, Victoria came out saying that "He is very much in proportion", and also says she is proud to still have an excellent sex life with him.

She hilariously compares it to "a tractor exhaust pipe" and says the adverts were 100% real!

They've Been Together For Over 20 Years

wedding rings
Unsplash | Sandy Millar

Despite rumors and a lot of doubt about their marriage lasting, David and Victoria are going strong together raising their 4 kids!

They live in a big mansion and enjoy the amenities of the wealthy. David shared back in 2014 that he and Victoria are strict parents and want to make sure they are raised to have manners.

So far, I'd say that they've been doing an excellent job raising their kids. There have been several news articles about their eldest son as well.

David & Victoria Have Millions Of Followers

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Wikimedia |

Today, thanks to David's sports career and Victoria's fashion line (which sells around the world to this day) they have an estimated worth of over $355 million. Along with their net worth, they have millions of followers internationally.

People love seeing David's posts about his family, sports and modeling. While Victoria has several social media profiles with some being more professional compared to her personal accounts.

I gotta say, they both look excellent as the years go on, you can tell they take care of themselves!

Still Going Strong Together

Victoria and David
Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

David and Victoria recently celebrated their son Brooklyn's 21st birthday with a party estimated to be worth around $100,000.

They partied into the morning and the press was all over Victoria and David dancing together. Fans thought it was so sweet seeing them happy together after so many years.

Plus their son Brooklyn has turned out pretty good. He is a model and photographer now.

I'm really happy for them, and I think this whole controversy about David has been hilariously entertaining.

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