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Post Malone performing

Here is the Crazy Reason Behind Post Malone's Face Tattoos

Gettyimages | Lorne Thomson
By Alan Blake

Post Malone has a name for his music career and hit tracks, but he is also well known for his collection of face tattoos which he will probably be adding in future going by what he revealed about his motivation to have them. The 24-year-old made his music career debut at 20, when he dropped his first track White Iverson.

Post uploaded his new song to his SoundCloud account and seemingly attracted plenty of viewers who hit over a million in the first month.

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Post Malone Has Worked With Some Major Labels

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Post Malone’s debut song opened up his career and saw him sign deals with major labels in the industry. His first was with Republic Major, although he later got to work with 50 Cent, Kanye West, and Young Thug.

Malone also worked with pop star Justin Bieber when he took the opening act performance for the star’s Purpose World Tour. The two became friends, and the relationship would later stir Malone’s love for tattoos. Malone was envious of Bieber’s tattoos, and so he sought to have some in a bid to get tougher.

Post Malone’s Tattoo Stems From His Insecurities

Post Malone
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Speaking to GQ Magazine in an interview, the singer openly talked about his face tattoos, and his reason to have them is rather sad. Post Malone thinks he is pretty ugly, terming himself as an ‘ugly-ass motherf***er.’ He doesn’t love his looks, and so he chooses to have something cool on his face. He reveals that when he looks at himself and sees the cool tattoos, it boosts his self-confidence.

However, in 2018, the singer claimed he has the tattoos to piss off his mom while speaking at London’s Wireless Festival during an interview.

Malone Has Mental Health Issues

Post Malone
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Malone’s life has probably been a tough one going by what he said of his middle and high school life. He opened up to GQ that he would cry himself to sleep every day while in middle school, and this went on even in his high school life. Post Malone alleged to have tried alcohol to rid the emotion, but it never fades away.

However, the rapper is getting help on his mental health, and he is hopeful he will continue to get the assistance he requires.

Post Malone Believes There Is Something Predisposed in Him

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While narrating how he had to cry himself to sleep during his school days, Malone ends by saying that there is no one to blame for the emotions, arguing that it is something predisposed in him.

Although not everyone thinks Malone’s tattoos are appropriate, he has one that is in celebration of his late friend Lil Peep. According to him, Peep had a refreshing honesty, and perhaps the reason he bears a tattoo to celebrate him. Some of his weird inks on his face are the words ‘Always’ and ‘Tired’ below his eyes.

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