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Carly Pearce

Carly Pearce Talks About Dealing With Self-Image: 'I’ve Been Bullied as a Child'

Gettyimages | Suzi Pratt
By Jacob Highley

For those who haven't followed Carly's career as closely, let me briefly fill you in on this amazing woman's career.

Carly Pearce started her music career in the early 2000's as a teenager. Her song "Every Little Thing" gained her a label recording contract and has since been dominating country music charts.

She married country singer Michael Ray in 2019 and they have been a hot topic regularly appearing in celebrity headlines.

Recently Carly has opened up about her troubled childhood and explains how she deals with the same issues everyone else does, regardless of her waist size.

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Carly Talks About How She Was Misjudged

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Carly's story reminds me of what Billie Eilish posted on her social media.

Billie said that there is no way to please her fans and the press. If she wears tight clothing, she's thought of as promiscuous, but if she wears baggy clothing, she's body-shamed like she's embarrassed and covering up.

As a child, Carly says she was made fun of since she was tall and skinny. She was looked down on because she seemed like a freak to those who struggled with their personal fitness.

Yet she says they got it all wrong.

Carly Has to Work At Her Fitness Just Like Everyone Else!

work out gym
Unsplash | Element5 Digital

Carly says dealing with self-doubt and negativity about her body have been big parts of her life. Being very conscientious of herself, it has been a battle to remain positive and push forward to achieve her goals.

As seen on her social media, Carly regularly works out. From cardio to weights, Carly handles her fitness like a pro.

Her husband has been a big supporter of Carly as well. Many fans love seeing them together, and their down to earth attitude has inspired many followers to not listen to the haters.

Carly And Her Husband Trending After Latest Performance

carly and michael
Gettyimages | Jason Kempin

Her latest statements about dealing with her self-image after a spectacular performance when Carly sang a duet with her hubby Michael Ray. Many wanted to know what has inspired her to never give up no matter obstacles in her career.

I really enjoy reading about people who carry a positive outlook on life and about themselves. Despite the negativity thrown her way at a young age, she has managed to push through.

Carly is nothing short of a country star with fans eager for more!

Carly Will Always Battle With Self-Image

carly pearce
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Her February Album "Carly Pearce" with a debut of #6 on Country Albums. Several of her singles and album songs received excellent feedback.

Carly has said that she will never stop struggling with self-image no matter how successful she gets and hopes people know that she gets scared and doubtful just like everyone else.

Carly has been on a roll lately, and I have a feeling we are going to see her frequently in headlines coming up especially since she is currently on tour.

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