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Billie Eilish Defends Her Body

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre
By kenadijiba

Billie Eilish has decided to make a striking statement. Her choice to create a simple video of her taking off her shirt and revealing her bra, was nothing contrived nor calculated. Billie truly has had enough. The constant criticism she has faced at such a young age is unprecedented and in many ways unwarranted. What an 18 year old decides to wear on her body, especially as a woman in this “male” centered gaze of a society is none of anyone's business.

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Mind Your Business

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Why people are so preoccupied with what another human being decides to wear makes slight sense, but should be checked at the door once the critique becomes personal. If Billie chooses to wear baggy clothes, and live in oversized hoodies, what is so terrible about that. You don't see the same hysteria arising when Travis Scott puts on something that’s borderline confusing. It’s like people are shook that a woman made it in this music industry without manipulating her body as some type of tool.

No Self Worth?


What’s even more distressing to recognize in relation to what many assume about Eilish due to her atypical decisions concerning fashion, is that she lacks self confidence. If the girl doesn't want to slap on a skin tight club dress every fortnight, does that suddenly equal no self esteem? On the contrary wouldn't it signify that she has so much confidence since she doesn't need to attach her persona to over pronounced sexual tones, or belligerent behaviour. Either way what everyone should do is drink their coffee, and mind their business.


Unsplash | Nikola Jovanovic

Billie right now is probably in the process of finding out who she really is? At 18, what were you like? This idea that women should be these warm blooded animals that never feel insecure, and never have emotions, is ridiculous. Nobody, not even Queen Rihanna can be strong one hundred percent of the time. In fact if someone like RiRi didn't utilize her emotions as well as she does in her music would we love her as much?

Soul Crushing Expectations

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The truth is we enjoy when other people show us their true colors, and let us know that all that glitters is not gold. We have to recognize that these boxes we enforce on one another are crushing us as a society. To expect someone to be a certain way solely because they’re in the public eye, and beloved for their God given talents is not fair. Let’s open the door for future generations of women and men as well, to feel secure enough to be who they want to be without any negative recourse.

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