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Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein Went Back To The Hospital After Sentencing

Gettyimages | Yana Paskova
By Carolyn B.

Harvey Weinstein has returned to Bellevue Hospital in New York City. The former Hollywood film producer had been complaining of chest pains, causing medical staff at Rikers Island Prison to reportedly decide the best course of action would be a return to the hospital.

Though he is being reportedly being admitted for observation of his "ongoing heart problems," one of Weinstein's spokespeople has said a complication from the producer's back surgery will also be evaluated by hospital staff. Weinstein's PR people hope for him to be held overnight for observation.

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Chest Pains And Surgery

Harvey Weinstein
Gettyimages | Scott Heins

Weinstein was admitted to the hospital almost immediately after being found guilty of rape in the third degree and a predatory criminal sex act in the first degree. He complained of chest pains and was taken to Bellevue hospital for observation. It was reportedly then discovered that he suffered from heart palpitations and raised blood pressure.

Surgery was performed to correct a blockage to the heart. Weinstein was held for over a week and was ultimately released to Rikers Island Prison.

Not Avoiding Prison

Harvey Weinstein
Gettyimages | Spencer Platt

After Weinstein's initial visit to the hospital, the former producer's spokesperson Juda Engelmayer insisted that Weinstein was not using the hospital visit to avoid serving prison time.

According to Engelmayer, Weinstein's hospital room was rather like a prison cell, itself. The room reportedly held nothing but a hospital bed and a steel toilet. Engelmayer claimed the room had a glass door that allowed hospital staff and police officers could see inside and observe the patient's movements as they passed him by.

Special Treatment

Harvey Weinstein
Gettyimages | Spencer Platt

Despite Engelmayer's claims that Weinstein was not trying to avoid prison and that his hospital stay was quite miserable, reports did indicate the former film producer was receiving special treatment once he actually made it to Rikers Island Prison.

Sources say Weinstein was being held on the sixth floor of the hospital completely alone without another cellmate for the first several days of his prison stay. He eventually received at least one other cellmate. Sources said this was to protect him from the other inmates in the prison.

23 Years

Harvey Weinstein
Gettyimages | BRYAN R. SMITH

Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison today. His two charges could have earned him anywhere between four and 29 years. Many were shocked at the sentencing results, as they expected such a prominent Hollywood figure to receive a lighter sentence.

The legal team working for Weinstein did implore the judge to go easy on their client when considering his sentence. They said his health was too poor for him to be able to survive even five years in prison.

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