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UFC Star Joanna Jedrzejczyk May Have Been Distracted By Fight With Teammate Colby Covington

Wikimedia | Joanna Jedrzejczyk
By Desmund Ullrich

Like many UFC fighters, Joanna Jedrzejczyk, also known as “JJ”, was not known outside of the sport and her fans until her brutal fight with Weili Zhang on March 7. JJ suffered a massive hematoma after five rounds with Zhang and lost in a split decision.

To make the loss even more painful Joanna was unable to escape the coverage of her injuries while in recovery but unlike some other female UFC notables, she didn't let this turn into a career-ending event.

Gettyimages | Harry How

While the fight between Joanna Jedrzejczyk is being called the best in UFC history, there have also been reports that JJ may have been off her game and that tensions were high at her MMA gym in Coconut Creek, Florida before the fight. Apparently, there had been an altercation between Joanna and her American Top Team teammate Colby Covington.

JJ and Covington had bad blood after he began disrespecting Jorge Masvidal and Dustin Poirier. Many fighters have been known to squabble among their own team, but it wasn't conduct that Joanna was willing to accept.

Gettyimages | Steve Marcus

Colby Covington, has had a few altercations with not only his team but with fellow fighters and JJ has been public about her wishes for him to learn “some respect”. She previously mentioned that she wouldn't mind if Colby was defeated back in December before his last fight. “I never wish any fighter to get like hurt, (but) I wish that Usman will beat his ass. I shouldn’t say this because you always should support your people, but Colby is not a friend,” Joanna joked.

Gettyimages | Steve Marcus

Covington lost his fight to Kamaru Usman in UFC 245, but it didn’t seem to change the course of their relationship.

In her most recent pre-fight interview with ESPN MMA's Ariel Helwani, Joanna revealed that the conflict has been going on for quite some time but she chooses not to focus on it. "No focus on dumb people. Colby is something else. We let him be,” She told Helwani.

She also suggested that Covington may also be disrespectful to female fighters in particular.

Gettyimages | Vaughn Ridley

With dozens of professional fighters, hopefully, American Top Team can get it together because athletes need to prepare both mentally and physically. But, sometimes in the UFC culture, it may seem like anything goes.

As for Joanna Jedrzejczyk, she is recovering relatively well and has been posting frequent updates to UFC fans. With a strong heart, the former champ is already looking for a rematch with Weili Zhang and after that last show, we are sure that fans are ready for it too!

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