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Farrah Abraham in the street

Farrah Abraham Exposes Chest In Shirt-Lifting Video On Instagram

Gettyimages | Hollywood To You/Star Max
By Rebecca Cukier

Farrah Abraham's recent social media activity has seen her showcase her surgically-enhanced assets and remind her followers that a helping hand from the cosmetic clinic is all good in her books. The former "Teen Mom OG" star took to her stories on Wednesday with what appeared to be a throwback of herself at Beverly Hills specialist Basma Hameed – icy-pink hair on the 28-year-old hasn't been seen since 2018.

The video came amid a series of flesh-fashing stories as Farrah makes headlines for being accused of animal cruelty – keep reading for the details below.

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Doing 'Scar Camouflage'

Farrah Abraham lifts her shirt
Farrah Abraham/Instagram

Farrah's video was brief. It showed the Nebraska native seated on a white clinic bed and backed by Basma Hameed Clinic's wall sign. The former MTV face mentioned "flashing" her audience as she spoke enthusiastically about "scar camouflage" treatment while cheekily lifting the white top she was wearing.

Farrah did protect her modesty – the topless finish was digitally-enhanced with pink heart emoji covering each of the star's breasts.

Farrah called Basma's clinic "the best kept secret in Beverly Hills," then letting fans know that surgery doesn't mean going without after-care.

An Instagram That's NSFW, And Followed By 11-Year-Old Daughter Sophia

Farrah Abraham poses in a robe
Farrah Abraham/Instagram

Farrah has long made headlines for having an adult feel to her social media. The star's internet-circulated sex tapes date back to 2013, with more recent webcam activities combined with her overall image largely being considered the reason why Farrah was fired from "Teen Mom OG" – Farrah maintains that she "quit."

Regularly making headlines is fan concern for 11-year-old daughter Sofia – the only child to Farrah follows her mother's Instagram, although Tik Tok content of late has seen Farrah post less racy updates.

Animal Cruelty Headlines

Farrah Abraham in the street with Sophia
Gettyimages | Team GT

Farrah is fresh from denying that CPS was called on her earlier this year. She isn't out of the news, though. The star is currently fronting media outlets following fan backlash to a video of her dog's mouth "tied shut" with a ribbon – Farrah has now opened up to The Sun to slam allegations of cruelty.

"Haters made up a ‘ribbon’ is on my pets, which is false. We use a muzzle per a trainer’s review for her training, which are sold at all pet stores," she told the newspaper.

Says She's Receiving Death Threats

Farrah Abraham in the street
Gettyimages | gotpap/Bauer-Griffin

Farrah continued to state that she's been receiving "death threats," calling it "harassment" that is "unnecessary and awful."

"Sophia treats [the dogs] as sister and brother... like royalty. We do have emotional support animals and they must be trained to the guidelines of the law," the star added.

July 2018 brought animal-related headlines as Sophia was accused of killing the family dog Blue. Sophia defended herself in tearful videos, with Farrah also backing her daughter.

Farrah remains the most controversial member of the MTV franchise. Nonetheless, she stays in the news despite her 2018 exit. A recent Coronavirus panic video of Farrah was also slammed by fans.

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