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What You Didn't Know About Kate Winslet's Marriages

Gettyimages | Mike Windle
By Rima Pundir

Kate Winslet usually chooses to keep mum about her personal life, eschewing social media for both herself and her children. In fact, most don't know about her marriages and children, and her divorces in between. An intensely private person, Winslet loves to talk movies and roles with the media, but draws a line at discussing her family life all that much. She does keep an open line with her exes, more so because they are the fathers of her children.

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Married & Divorced At 26

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While essaying her role as a disenchanted young mother in the 1998 movie Hideous Kinky, Winslet met and fell in love with assistant director Jim Threapleton. They dated some and got married pretty quickly, and Winslet soon gave birth to their daughter, Mia Honey Threapleton. But when their daughter was only six months, the marriage fell apart and Winslet left. Apparently, Threapleton did not want Winslet to get too famous, which she rightly saw as his way of suppressing her talent and wishes.

Later, Winslet Became Mrs. Mendes

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Winslet met Sam Mendes when he came to her, to cast her in a play he was directing. She didn't take the role but Mendes and Winslet must have felt the sparks fly, and they began dating soon after. They got married in 2003 and had son Joe Mendes in the same year. Later, Mendes also got Winslet back with Leonardo DiCaprio for Revolutionary Road, which earned her a Golden Globe for the same. But the relationship went south and by 2011, the duo had divorced.

And Now, Presenting Mrs. Rocknroll

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Winslet's third and current husband was not born with the name Ned Rocknroll. He was Abel Smith before he legally changed his name to something this colorful. And while the duo got married in 2012, and had their son Bear Blaze Winslet in 2013, the boy does not bear his father's adopted surname. Instead, he's a Winslet, because Bear Blaze Rocknroll sounds more like a cartoon character than an actual name. Surname or not, the marriage stands strong till today.

Winslet Is Cordial With Exes

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While Kate Winslet may not be very talkative about her relationships and her exes, she never planned to be married three times and divorced twice. But she believes that these were the cards dealt to her, and she made the best of them, as much as she could. She tries to maintain a cordial relationship with her exes for the sake of her kids but is absolutely grateful for Ned because he is the rock that centers her family. So all's well in the end...

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