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This Is Why Kaley Cuoco Waited Over a Year to Move in With Her Husband

Gettyimages | Rich Fury
By Brooklyn Denton

These days, more and more married couples are forgoing cohabitation after "I do's" and adopting a lifestyle that involves living apart together (or LAT). From the looks of it on the outside, actress Kaley Cuoco seemed to be diving headfirst into that trend with new husband Karl Cook.

However, as it turns out, Cuoco and Cook are dipping their feet back into more traditional waters by stepping into the cohabitation lane. After more than a year of being married, Cuoco and her husband Cook are moving in together.

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The Big Bang Theory star has previously touched on her why behind waiting to move in with her husband but has recently revealed that the decision had everything to do with the bigger picture. What Cuoco didn't want was to move in together too soon just for the sake of saying it was done. She wanted the timing to be right and the actress wasn't in a rush to move out of their respective places they had while they were single.

Karl Cook and Kaley Cuoco looking serious
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During their 2018 wedding, Cuoco and Cook might have agreed to merge lives in more ways than one, but they trusted their timing over society's timing. Plus, having a traditional marriage wasn't necessarily at the top of her checklist. It was a method that worked for the couple, which is all that matters in the grand scheme of things.

Nearly two years after their wedding, Cuoco told Access Hollywood during a recent interview that she and Cook were ready to take that next big step in their marriage by cohabitating.

In the interview, Cuoco shared that another major reason for the delay in her and her equestrian husband Cook moving in together was the fact that their dream house was in the process of being built. Now that their LA home is built, moves can be made.

She shared, "We are built, we are so excited. We haven’t spent an evening in it yet. Actually Karl has been at home and I said ‘Why don’t you stay at the house?’ but he’s waiting for me to get there and have all the animals there."

According to the actress, her and her husband are in the midst of making things official, with a move-in date on the horizon. "When I wrap in April, that will be our first time in our new house. We are going steady. He gave me his letterman jacket and we are moving in together."

Cuoco also shared her sheer excitement and readiness in a previous interview with US Weekly, "I’m actually excited. We’re totally ready, you know. We do both travel a lot, which I think is very healthy. Our time at home is minimal, which makes us super appreciate it."

In an interview with The View, Cuoco shared that they lived apart for so long "because of work and his business and his horses are a few hours away from where I was currently living."

Cuoco has stated in the past that her marriage with Cook is unconventional in that sense. "We have different locations that we are at a lot. We are not together every single day, and I think personally, it’s important. It works well for us."

The dynamic worked well for them in the past and even made the heart grow fonder. Transitioning from living apart to living together might be an interesting one, but we're sure the couple will have the cohabitation game on lock soon enough.

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