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Miley Cyrus' Little Sister Noah Cyrus Lifts Shirt In Perfect Shot From A Speeding Car

Gettyimages | gotpap/Bauer-Griffin
By Rebecca Cukier

Noah Cyrus is back to upping the ante. The 20-year-old sister to superstar singer Miley Cyrus has definitely inherited the "SHE IS COMING" singer's penchant for raunchy social media updates – Miley herself currently has Instagram limiting her hashtag after exposing her chest in self-posted nip slips caused a stir.

Instagram may be cracking down on Miley, but the sexy updates from little sister Noah seem to have stayed within the platform's community guidelines. Noah's latest shot stayed inside the rules – just about.

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Always Eye-Catching With Noah

Noah Cyrus lifts her shirt in a car
Noah Cyrus/Instagram

Noah updated her Instagram on Tuesday with a trio set of photos showing her in a fast-moving car with the road and background greenery seen near-blurred from the speed.

Noah was taking up the foreground, knocking the camera dead as she posed in an earthy-toned and striped top that initially came worn in full. A quick swipe to the right showed the "July" singer's shirt lifted, with Noah grabbing her chest – her little finger was just about protecting her modesty. Noah also posed with her mouth open and a downward and sideways glance.

Throwing Out The Middle Finger Is Nothing New

Noah Cyrus/Instagram

Noah's opening shot may well have generated as much of a reaction as her chest-flashing one. Here, the brunette was throwing out the middle finger with both hands, also pulling the bottom parts of her eyes down with her nails. The third and final photo showed Noah with the shirt once again raised, although the finish was slightly less provocative than the middle shot.

All the snaps showed off the beauty's long brown tresses, plus her inked hands. High-end vibes also manifested as the Fendi monogram was seen near Noah's brown pants.

"c u at the Roxy," Noah captioned her images.

Provocative, But Mental Health Battles Are Raw

Noah Cyrus overlooks hills in a thong and top
Noah Cyrus/Instagram

Noah reminded Instagram that she wasn't set to change with an early 2020 post of her throwing out the middle finger – the update followed a 2019 shot of the "Lonely" singer doing just this while exposing her underboob as she stood in front of a urinal.

Provocation may rank highly for Noah, but the singer comes with a more vulnerable side. Noah regularly opens up about her mental health battles, with fans largely seeming to adore how honest and open she is.

Called 2019 'Hell On Earth'

Noah Cyrus at an event
Gettyimages | Steve Jennings

References to Noah's inner torments and wishes for kindness amid others were made in her final post of 2019. While the image included the star posing in a thong, the words were heartfelt.

"Life moves so fast that it makes me cry. i woke up today and asked myself where all the time has gone. time really scares me... you kinda look up one day and your childhood is gone and everyones older and its SO F*CKING SCARY!!! live in the present moment.. say your pleases and thank yous lol.. try your best to be NICE!!! please!! our world is so scary and it cant afford anymore hate. tell everyone you can you love them while you can. CUS TIME MOVES TOO FAST!!!..." Noah wrote.

Noah recently performed in both London and Dubai. She has 5.6 million Instagram followers.

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