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Jinger Duggar

Jinger Duggar Keeps Losing Influence Gigs Due to Her Family's Beliefs

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By A. Elise

Since her move to Los Angeles, Counting On's Jinger Duggar has been trying to follow her influencer dreams. She's changed her style and set herself apart from the other Duggar sisters, and she's even wearing pants as a departure from her family's strict rules.

Jinger and husband Jeremy Vuolo have partnered with several companies over the years, which makes sense considering the fact that she has over 1.3 million followers on social media. These paid gigs would be quite beneficial for Jinger, if they didn't keep getting pulled.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo
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As of today, Jinger has had at least three partnerships ended because of her link to controversial religious and social beliefs. Though Jinger has been trying to cultivate a new brand that separates her from her Duggar roots, she has not separated herself enough for critics.

What exactly are the views that Jinger is being criticized for? There's plenty that people are critical of, even if you do not consider the family's treatment of Josh Duggar in the wake of multiple sex-related scandals.

JIm Bob and Michelle Duggar speaking with crowd
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Jinger's parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, have strict rules for their family. While raising 19 children, the couple sheltered them from mainstream music and television. They were not even allowed to dance, and they could only socialize with those who had religious beliefs like theirs.

Michelle homeschooled the children and began to advocate against same-sex marriage and birth control. Even knowing that many people had begun labeling her oldest child as a "predator" online, Michelle participated in a robocall campaign in which she was accused of comparing trans people to predators.

JIm Bob Duggar speaking with reporter
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The latest sponsorship to drop Jinger and Jeremy was Ruggable. Jinger featured her new rug in several Instagram stories, but within two days she had pulled the posts. It is clear that people have been writing to sponsors about the Duggar family's beliefs, and the partners are hearing what critics are saying. In the past, Jinger has lost partnerships to companies like Rebecca Minkoff and Fonuts. Fonuts even issued a public apology for partnering with Jinger without looking into the family's background.


In the wake of losing some sponsorships from companies, Jeremy and Jinger have scrubbed their website of information about their religious beliefs. Jinger no longer includes information about her religion on her social media profiles, and her captions are typically related to her family.

Many fans began to suspect that Jinger was trying to distance herself from her family's religious beliefs. With Jeremy pursuing a career as a pastor, it is clear that religion plays a role in their lives to some degree, but it is not certain if their beliefs still closely mirror the beliefs of Michelle and Jim Bob.

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