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Bachelor Nation Weighs On Whether They're Team Peter or Team Barbara

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By Natalie Hunter

Fans are relieved to finally find out what Peter's mom, Barbara Weber, was getting so emotional about on 'The Bachelor.' In part one of the season finale, Peter brought the final two contestants, Madison and Hannah Ann, to his hometown to meet his family. The two introductions went in the complete opposite direction. While Peter's family embraced Hannah Ann and had nothing but good things to say about her, they were very disapproving about Madison after finding out about her "ultimatum."

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“Hannah Ann loves you with all her heart. Don’t let her go. Bring her home to us,” Barbara cried on the show after meeting both women. “We will welcome her with open arms. She’s a dream come true. God has placed her there for you, and that’s what love stories are made of.” And in a confessional, Barbara says, “Madison’s a sweet girl, lovely girl. But Hannah Ann is an angel on earth.”

“You’ve got to stop doing this,” Peter responds. “It’s literally destroying me right now.”

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According to Show Biz Cheat Sheet, some of the fans were upset with Barbara's outburst calling her the "true villain."

“Okay am I the only one confused why the Weber’s are making it seem like Peter is a wild nympho party animal and Madi is the bad guy because she’s a wholesome Christian woman..? This seems backwards.. just me?” tweeted Alayah, former contestant on Peter's season.

"God placed Hannah Ann there for you, Peter???? But Madi’s decisions are because of her faith get the heck outta here, Barb. #thebachelor," alumn Tia Booth added.

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"She needs to CUT THE CORD! He is a grown man not a little boy anymore. I didn’t like the way she treated Madison,” wrote another.

"I couldn’t believe his mom’s selfishness in actually saying out loud that this was Peter’s show, Peter’s journey and how dare she consider her own wants, needs and values,” wrote another.

However, another faction of Bachelor Nation believes Barbara is in the right.

“Peter’s mom looking out for Peter’s peter is everything,” 'Bachelor in Paradise' alum, Demi Burnett, wrote on Twitter.

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“As a mom myself, I agree with you plus he asked for his family’s opinion. He’s just mad because they don’t agree with him. This is a disastrous season! Bring Hannah Brown back!🌹👑❤ #teamhannanhbpeterweber,” one fan wrote on Instagram.

“Everyone’s hating on his mom. But honestly, I respect her just as much as I do Madison. She just loves her son dearly,” one person commented.

“I also think the mother sees the difference in them this cannot end well if you choose is Madison…She like sparkling apple juice he likes to line dancing party where can this go?” one person questioned.

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