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Could Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard Make A Comeback ?

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By kenadijiba

Is Tulsi Gabbard going to pull a Biden and have an unprecedented comeback? Well, it could be harder for her considering she never really had a startup. Most of the general population doesn't even know much if anything about this well respected senator. All that people more recently have tied to her and her reputation is how she served in the Army, which is a fantastic trait and commitment on her part, and how she iconically dismissed the hell out of Kamala Harris.

Tulsi Gabbard

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In order for Tulsi to have any type of chance in this race that's already been overrun by the two frontrunners, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders is through the art of communication. People need to know more about this dynamic woman . When in interviews it feels as if Tulsi tells people a lot about what she's done, and sacrifices she's made without relaying the craved emotion Americans need to connect with her. Interestingly enough Tulsi now is actually trying to make a case for her to be a part of the upcoming debate which could be a tipping point.

Does it even make sense for Tulsi to be a part of this race? A lot of people faulted the hell out of Elizabeth Warren for staying in due to her supporters not being able to flock successfully over to Bernie’s side. Will Elizabeth finally share with the world who she is standing by? Progressives who are ride or die Bernie fans will not be satisfied if she along with all other ex candidates joins the Biden bus. Plus, it would seem quite confusing considering her and Bernie have similar values and policies.

How this future debate in Phoenix, Arizona goes down March 15th will be telling for all parties involved. Tulsi Gabbard in all reality probably won't be in attendance because of the need for a hyper focus on the big dogs. People at the end of the day want to see the face off between the quintessential Deomcratic socialist, and traditional liberal. So, there isn't room for someone who hasn't established a firm relationship with the American public, and isn't polling at similar levels.

What Gabbard should do is use the platform she does have in order to support whoever she finds the most attractive as a candidate for the presidency. By making a clear statement on either parties behalf she probably will have a better chance of growing in other political occupations. A great trait to possess is knowing when to call it quits. Although some like to call this a weak way of going about life, it actually is a fantastic skill.

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