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Bllie Eilish

Billie Eilish Wows the Crowd by Taking Her Shirt Off During Concert!

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Jacob Highley

Billie has recently protested body shamers with a video segment played at her recent performance with launched her "Where Do We Go Tour".

Fans were flabbergasted when Billie made a surprise move and showed a video that had her stripping down to a black sports bra. The "Bad Guy" singer usually wears such baggy clothing that it took everyone by surprise to see how fantastic she looks!

But that's not all the singer managed to pull off at her concert. She performed one of the coolest stunts seen this year!

Everyone's Falling Head Over Heals... For Billie Falling Mid Air!

Giphy | Interscope Records

Not only does this concert mark her first sold-out event, but it also marks an impressive stunt debut. Billie was seen elevated in a white bed, and then seen falling through the bed where she hung suspended mid air!

The event was exhilarating with fans and social media followers raving about the experience!

I have been following Billie's latest music releases, but I had no idea she had such epic level displays planned. She's already selling out after her latest music hits, how popular are her events going to be now that she's pulled off stunts like these?

Billie Is On A Roll!

Unsplash | ActionVance

Did you see Billie's Instagram blowing up over some of her latest photo shoots and magazine pictures? She looks so cool!

Her fans have been posting big support for her recent posts about a positive self-image and for her well-put responses to haters.

I'm amazed at how quickly she's risen to fame. She's only 19 years old people! Her ability to relate with her fans and convey her emotions through music has made her a music sensation!

(Plus she's won several awards for her music at this point)

Billie Doesn't Listen To The Haters

girl wearing cap
Unsplash | Meghan Schiereck

Billie has appropriately stated that she can't please everyone, and that anyway she appears, she will be criticized. She has found her self-image and value not based on other's opinions, but from within herself.

Kinda reminds me of Jennifer Lopez's bikini pictures which caused controversey over mom bodies, and eventually created a trend for moms around the world to show pride over their physiques.

I think Billie has some of the best years of her career ahead of her at this point.

Billie Eilish, The Boss

billie eilish
Wikimedia |

Billie has demonstrated her ability to create amazing music, and push her music career to new heights in a very short amount of time. She has good support, but really it comes down to how well she's been able to adapt.

Music is an ever-changing thing. If you don't learn how the charts work and what fans like, then you are left behind. Billie has been able to not only please fans but also make music that she is proud of.

Selena Gomez comes to mind as someone who has also been able to do this. Not "selling-out" your image and staying true to yourself is a difficult task when you are trying to stay trending. Congrats to Billie for handling it like a 'boss'!

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