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Harry Styles

How Harry Styles is Handling Touring During the Worldwide Coronavirus Outbreak

Gettyimages | NBC
By Alan Blake

The coronavirus continues to wreck celebrities’ plans in the entertainment industry as more stars call off their concerts, while others push them to later dates. Mariah Carey is among the stars that recently came out to announce their decision to postpone upcoming shows.

However, Harry Styles does not seem to let loose of his 2020 world tour labeled as Love On Tour. The star is still making his tours around the world, although he is keeping a close look at how the situation goes.

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Harry Styles Feels People Are 50/50 About COVID-19

Giphy | The Late Late Show with James Corden

Speaking during an interview with Howard Stern at his show, Harry Styles said people are not sure about how scary the coronavirus outbreak is. According to him, for every two people, one feels the epidemic is terrifying, while the other feels it’s not.

However, he added that the fact that people are dying is, all the same, making it quite scary. Harry is monitoring the situation, with his most significant concern being the travel bans. He had already announced the dates for the shows he plans to have beginning next month.

Harry Styles Reads Dean Koontz’s The Eyes of Darkness

Harry Styles
Gettyimages | Rich Fury

As Harry revealed the coronavirus outbreak had been predicted in a book authored by Dean Koontz. The Eyes of Darkness describes a virus that would hit the world in 2020. The alleged virus was to have no treatment, as is the case with Covid-19, and would come back ten years later.

The book refers to the strain as Wuhan-400, a coincidence that Harry terms as crazy, given that the coronavirus outbreak was first reported in Wuhan, China. Harry allegedly received the book’s pages predicting the outbreak from a person he did not reveal.

Harry Is Set to Have a Busy Year 2020

Harry Styles
Wikimedia |,_2012.jpg

If the coronavirus outbreak will not wreck Harry Styles’ plans, he is set to have a busy year following his long tour. Tickets to the Love On Tour went on sale starting November last year. Harry will perform across the UK, making appearances in Birmingham, Manchester, Dublin, Sheffield, and more.

He later plans to do a couple of shows in Europe, North America, and Asia. However, he expressed that the tour is not his most significant thing if the outbreak will continue.

Harry Styles Says He Is Just Waiting to See the Turnout

Harry Styles
Gettyimages | Joe Maher

Although he has not yet called off the fast-approaching tour dates, Harry Styles is also unsure whether they will happen. He expressed his concern over state restrictions, citing Sweden as an example.

He talked of Sweden having placed a ban on gatherings that exceed a thousand people, and so he can only wait and see how far things go with the outbreak. Harry Styles’ first show is scheduled for April 15th when he supposedly will be in Birmingham before proceeding to Sheffield on April 17th.

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