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Katherine Schwarzenegger

Katherine Schwarzenegger Releases New Book On 'Forgiveness'

Gettyimages | Matt Winkelmeyer
By Jacob Highley

Katherine Schwarzenegger has recently come out with a brand new book titled "The Gift Of Forgiveness". Fans and readers have given a positive reception to what many are saying is a fresh perspective on the important qualities of love and forgiveness needed today.

I've read quite a few personal development books in my life and I for one know how powerful books on forgiveness can be.

She has been on talks shows, celebrity interviews and has been featured on social media with multiple cool shots of her new book.

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Katherine Helping Protect Animals And Helping People Heal


If you aren't familiar with Katherine Schwarzenegger's career, she has released 4 books including her latest and has been an avid animal rights advocate with 2 different organizations.

("American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals" and the "Best Friends Animal Society")

As a fairly accomplished author, Katherine has received praise for her positive outlook on life and for her relevant advice to new college grads.

Interestingly, her advice to new grads was directly related to her own experiences since she didn't know what to do after college.

Katherine Consulted Professionals For Career Advice

women consulting
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After finishing her college courses, Katherine wasn't sure what to do next, and that lead her to write her second book, "I Just Graduated . . . Now What?". This book was an instant hit.

She used advice from different consultants in different niches to ascertain exactly what she wanted to do next. With that information, she combined it all as a way to guide graduates.

I really like Katherine's outlook on life, you can tell she has spent a lot of time developing herself.

Katherine Says It Was Emotional Writing The Book

woman emotional
Gettyimages | Cecilie_Arcurs

Like many writers, Katherine had to dig deep when writing her new book. She couldn't rely on pure analysis, and focused on the emotion behind her words.

This meant it was sometimes hard to write, and only the hope that her book would help people propelled her forward.

I respect a method actor for the comitment to emotionally relate to a role, likewise I deeply respect a writer who truly feels what they are writing about.

We need forgiveness and love today, Katherine believes in that.

Katherine & Chris Super Happy With Each Other

Chris and Katherine
Gettyimages | Jeff Kravitz

In some other recent news, Katherine and her hubby Chris Pratt have been seen on romantic dates and enjoying each other's company. She says they are super in love still.

Chris picked a great wife. Katherine has an awesome personality and I'm sure Chris makes her laugh a lot. I mean, it's Chris Pratt, the guy is hilarious.

I really love the idea of Katherine's book, and Chris has come out in full support of his wife's writing career. I would love to read it!

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