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Corey Feldman Says Charlie Sheen Sexually Abused Corey Haim

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By Mario Perez

Charlie Sheen is a known loose cannon around Hollywood. He is actually one of the few actors to come out and embrace his dark past. Opening up about his drug use and his over the top personal love life.

It is in Corey Feldman's new documentary where light is shed on an issue from Sheen's past in which, he may have gone way too far. Corey Feldman and Corey Haim were a dynamic duo in the 80's and '90s. These days Feldman seems keen to tell his friend's story following his death.

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What You Can Expect From The Documentary

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In the past few years, a lot of documentary features have been published detailing stories of abuse. Some of the more famous films or series are stories about Micheal Jackson's story of sexual abuse.

With this particular documentary, it is just hours of raw emotions from Feldman as he details some of the stories about the abuse that he and his friend Corey Haim suffered over the years. What the public wants to know is wether or not the stories are all true!

Where Sheen Fits In The Story

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Without a doubt, one of the most revealing parts of the film is when Corey Feldman details a tale of abuse that Corey Haim had described to him obviously prior to his death. Basically, Haim claimed, that he was sexually abused by Charlie Sheen in broad daylight on the set of the movie Lucas in 1986. At the time Sheen was 19 and Haim was only 13 years old.

According to Feldman, this was not the only time that Haim and Sheen would have a sexual encounter.

Sheen Denies The Allegations

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Feldman is not the only person who heard the story from Haim. Haim's ex also claims that Haim had told her the story of him being raped on the set of Lucas.

As far as Sheen is concerned these are all lies. He mentioned he had always been honest about his wrongdoings, "Consistently admitting and owning a laundry list of shortcomings, wrongdoings, and indiscretions this traveler hath traveled -- however, every man has a breaking point," while continuing to say "These radically groundless and unfounded allegations end now. I now take a passionate stand against those who wish to even entertain the sick and twisted lies against me. GAME OVER."

True or False?

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If the allegations in the film turn out to be false it is hard to really take the film seriously. Which, is certainly a shame since these types of films could potentially help shed even more light on the dark side of Hollywood.

In this particular case, the strange thing is, even Corey Haim's mother is on Sheen's side. She also believes that it was not Sheen who raped Haim. Instead, the man responsible was Dominick Brascia. An actor, director, and producer that Haim had worked for.

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