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Social Media Reacts to Picture of Amy Schumer Peeing Next To Her Car

Gettyimages | Steven Ferdman
By Ben Robinson III

When it comes to being a constant controversial figure there aren't many celebrities who can bring the shock and awe more than comedian Amy Schumer. It's almost as if she gets a high from not only making people laugh but also doing things that keep her fans, and others, with their mouths open asking themselves "Did she really say that?" It's something that Schumer takes much pride in. And it's also something she does that seems to come natural for her.

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Recently Schumer had to face an onslaught of comments after her movie I Feel Pretty was deemed as a bad example of body positivity. However Schumer wasted no time clearing up the confusion. In an interview with ET Canada Schumer explained the true intentions behind the message of the film.

“It’s not a story about a very ugly woman gaining confidence. It’s a story about a woman who really struggles with self-esteem, which I think is something we can all relate to.

Giphy | I Feel Pretty

I know I have struggled with it and it’s a movie that 100 per cent of the people that have seen it left feeling better. It just made me excited for people to see the movie before coming up with what they thought was wrong with it.”

Schumer has always been very outspoken with her politics and her platform of empowering women. And now, her latest post to social media is causing a frenzy with Schumer making yet another statement.

Recently Schumer posted to her Instagram page a photo that's causing many to react. Pop Culture reports in celebration of International Women's Day Schumer posted a very unconventional photo that asked the simple question "International Women's Day over?";

Amy Schumer caught fans off guard on Monday when she posted a photo of herself peeing beside her car in a parking lot. The comedian wore an ironically modest expression as she squatted between the open door and the seat, her leggings pulled down to her knees. Most fans were amused by the stunt.

Gettyimages | Gotham

Fans could not get enough of the photo and immediately took to the comments section. One fan wrote "Omg this is the best thing ever! I just love you" with another commenting "Hahha love it ❤️ and it’s always international women’s day in my eyes ".

Schumer continues to be a beacon for change and conversation within the entertainment industry. Although she may be controversial at times it's that shock value that makes people pay attention. It's a talent she uses well and will probably never stop using as her career continues.

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