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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Veepstakes Rumors: Who Might Biden Pick as his Vice-President?

Gettyimages | Scott Olson
By Robin Zabiegalski

Now that the Democratic race is down to two candidates - Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders - the conversation about their Vice-Presidential picks can start. The media speculation about VP picks, often called Veepstakes, has already begun.

The general public opinion seems to be that both Biden and Sanders should pick female running mates. Some media outlets are reporting that top Democrats are insisting on a female running mate as well. The argument is that a female Vice-President would appeal to female voters who are disappointed that all the women are out of the race.

There's already talk about who Biden might choose as his running mate if he picks a woman. These are our guesses.

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Kamala Harris

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris
Gettyimages | Scott Olson

On Sunday, Kamala Harris announced that she would be endorsing Biden for President. Some were surprised by the announcement since Harris went after Biden so aggressively when she was still in the Democratic race. But Harris said in her endorsement that she believes in Biden's ability to unite the country.

After the endorsement was made public and Harris appeared with Biden at a rally in Detroit, the media and the public began speculating that she might be Biden's VP pick. Many, especially voices in the Black community, argued that Biden owes Black women for their support and a great way to thank them would be by choosing Harris as his running mate.

Harris certainly would help Biden clinch the Black vote and many women voters, but given the thinly veiled racism that led to Trump's election, Harris as VP could hurt Biden as much as it helps.

Amy Klobuchar

Joe Biden and Amy Klobuchar
Gettyimages | Ron Jenkins

Amy Klobuchar dropped out of the Democratic race the day before Super Tuesday and quickly endorsed Biden. She appeared at a rally with him that very night and spoke about her support for his campaign.

Given the timing of her dropping out and endorsing Biden, speculation ran wild that Klobuchar had been promised a spot in the Biden administration if he wins. Klobuchar has denied those rumors.

However, Klobuchar unintentionally fed the rumor mill when addressing Biden supporters in Michigan over the weekend. She said, "I could not think of a better way to end my candidacy, as hard as it was to do with our beloved staff and everyone else, than to join the tick–" She stopped herself before actually saying she was on the ticket, but her slip up has intensified rumors that she was offered the VP spot in exchange for her endorsement.

Klobuchar didn't ruffle too many feathers during her run and her views aren't too far off from Biden's, so she makes sense as a VP pick.

Hillary Clinton

Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton
Gettyimages | Alex Wong

Hillary Clinton is a favorite of the Democratic establishment that has rallied behind Biden since before Super Tuesday. In 2016, the Democratic establishment put everything they had into getting Clinton elected, but it didn't go their way. She considered running again in 2020 but stepped aside to let others have a chance at the top seat.

Clinton has decades of experience in politics, several years of experience in the White House, and she worked closely with Biden for years during the Obama administration. In theory, she'd be the perfect VP pick for Biden.

But in reality, she could hurt the ticket as much as help it. When she ran in 2016, many objected to the establishment politics she represented and many voted for Trump as a protest against voting for Clinton. Many voters stayed home rather than vote for her.

There's a chance that there would be a repeat of 2016 if Clinton gets added to the Biden ticket.

Stacey Abrams

Stacey Abrams
Gettyimages | Jessica McGowan

Stacey Abrams got a lot of media attention when she ran for Governor of Georgia. She brought a lot of attention to the struggles that Georgia has with voters' rights, illuminating the fact that many people of color are prevented from voting in the state.

Though she didn't win the election, she became a voice for women and people of color and a favorite of people who are looking for a more fair and equal government.

As an outspoken advocate and a woman of color, Abrams would add a lot of strength and diversity to Biden's ticket. On the other hand, as is the case for many outspoken women of color, there are many in the country who vehemently dislike Abrams. So, while she's an awesome pick, she could end up hurting the ticket.

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