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Vicki Gunvalson and the 'RHOC' cast attends BravoCon.

Vicki Gunvalson Claims 'RHOC' Is 'Fake' And Slams Cast For Fabricating Storylines

Gettyimages | Bravo
By Lindsay Cronin

Vicki Gunvalson is happy to be moving on from her time on The Real Housewives of Orange County because she doesn't feel that the show is headed in the right direction.

After starring in a full-time position for the first 13 seasons and a part-time role for the show's 14th season last year, Gunvalson slammed the show for going "off-course" during an interview with PEOPLE magazine days ago.

“The show really got off course from what we were supposed to be doing,” she stated.

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Vicki Gunvalson Believes 'RHOC' Is Now About Fighting

Vicki Gunvalson is seen at BravoCon.
Gettyimages | Bravo

“In the beginning, it was about showing your real lives; your family, your friendships, your work. It was about really opening up and letting the world in. But it stopped being that and it started being about fighting. And they never showed my real life anymore. It just became fake," she claimed.

Gunvalson was one of the original cast members when The Real Housewives of Orange County began airing in 2006. The others were Lauri Peterson, Jo De La Rosa, Jeana Keough, and Kimberly Bryant.

Vicki Gunvalson Wanted To Show Her Real Life On 'RHOC'

Vicki Gunvalson visits the Bravo Clubhouse.
Gettyimages | Bravo

According to Gunvalson, she doesn't understand why so many of the current cast members are so mean.

"Why do you want to go on an internationally famous show and be mean? What we’re supposed to be doing is really helping each other! It’s a tough world out there!” she shared.

“I want to show my real life,” Gunvalson continued. “My real life is incredible, exhausting and exciting. I’m helping people every day in my business [Coto Insurance]. I’m a loving mother and grandma. I have this great relationship with [fiancé Steve Lodge]. That’s the reality of my life, not that fake stuff.”

Vicki Gunvalson Claims 'RHOC' Cast Members Make Up Stories

Vicki Gunvalson is seen at an OK! Magazine event.
Gettyimages | Paul Morigi

Gunvalson went on to say that some of her former co-stars weren't being authentic with their lives.

“I don’t create a storylines, like so many of these women do,” she said. “I read somewhere that someone said ‘My storyline was over.’ Hold on. Last time I checked, this is a reality show. There is no storylines. Some of the other girls create fake storylines. I never have, I never will."

As for who it was that was allegedly being fake for the cameras, Gunvalson didn't name names.

Vicki Gunvalson Won't Return To 'RHOC' Until It's 'Real' Again

Vicki Gunvalson wears a one-sleeved black gown.
Gettyimages | Sylvain Gaboury

While rumors of a return have been swirling, especially after Gunvalson and Tamra Judge were seen filming for an unknown project, Gunvalson told PEOPLE magazine she would not be returning to The Real Housewives of Orange County until the series' authenticity is restored.

"Maybe one day I’ll come back to the show, but only when the show wants to create real TV. In the meantime, we’ll see if any of these women last 14 years. I’m good with my tenure,” she concluded.

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