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Reality Steve Has New 'Bachelor" Spoilers, Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour Discuss Theories

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By Jenna Cartusciello

Remember Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour from the “Bachelor,” “Bachelorette” and “Bachelor in Paradise?” Apparently, they are very invested in Peter Weber’s season and the finale coming up tonight.

In an interview with “People,” the couple discussed many different theories, from Hannah Ann moving to L.A. for Peter to a rumor that Peter ends up with a "Bachelor" producer.

While Godwin and Barbour confessed that they have no idea how this season ends, show spoiler Reality Steve claims he knows nearly everything. (Caution: spoilers ahead!)

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour Know Peter and Hannah Ann

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During the interview, Godwin and Barbour admitted that they once assumed they would know more about this season.

“You know, I thought we’d have a little bit of tea in our pocket with this, both of us knowing somebody,” Godwin said. “But it’s been very hush-hush.”

Godwin is friends with finalist Hannah Ann Sluss. The two have a lot in common, from pursuing modeling careers to taking a chance on different seasons of “the Bachelor.”

In addition, Barbour knows Peter Weber when the two men competed on Hannah Brown’s season of the “Bachelorette.” The two have remained friends ever since.

Hannah Godwin Says Hannah Ann Won’t Move to LA for Peter

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For a while, many fans theorized that Hannah Ann won this season of “the Bachelor” because she left a revealing comment on Godwin’s Instagram last month. It read, “2 more weeks left until I will be living near you!!”

Since Godwin lives in LA, fans assumed that Hannah Ann was moving to LA for Peter Weber, whose family lives in Westlake Village, CA.

However, Godwin quickly shut down this theory.

“Hannah Ann and I discussed the possibility of moving to L.A. to pursue modeling years ago, and we were actually discussing possibly rooming together. It was very early. It was a super early conversation,” she explained. “I know she’s definitely been trying to move out West for a while. There’s just a lot more opportunities for the industry that she’s in. I don’t think that that’s really any giveaway.”

Reality Steve Sticks by His Original Spoiler

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While thousands of theories are still swirling on the internet, Reality Steve claims that his overarching theory remains true: it was between Madison and Hannah Ann, and Peter Weber eventually chose Madison.

Last Thursday, Reality Steve revealed that Peter Weber cancelled the final rose ceremony after finding out that Madison self-eliminated. Once the “Bachelor” stars came back to the states, Weber allegedly went after Madison and tried to get her back.

Reality Steve also claimed that Weber’s mother was talking about Madison in the clip where she exclaims, “don’t let her go … bring her home to us!”

In an update on Monday, however, the longtime “Bachelor” spoiler rescinded these spoilers.

New Spoilers Revealed About the “Bachelor” Finale

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Reality Steve has now updated the story with fresh new spoilers. Apparently, he was wrong about certain pieces of the puzzle.

He now claims that Madison did self-eliminate but “Peter gave Hannah Ann his final rose AND they got engaged that day.”

After that final day in Australia, Pilot Pete and Hannah Ann broke up. Reality Steve reports that Weber initiated the break-up to pursue Madison.

So, what’s still in the air? According to Reality Steve, Peter and Madison’s relationship is not as solid as he reported last week. It seems that many of the blank pages in this story won’t be filled until Peter Weber must face these two women on live TV tonight.

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