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Netflix's Hit Series 'Love Is Blind' Is A Huge Hit With The Kardashians

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By Ben Robinson III


The popular Netflix series Love is Blind became an instant smash hit for viewers as they watched with baited breath to see if five couples, who generated genuine love connections sight unseen, would make it down the aisle at the conclusion of the series. And although of the five couples only two actually ended up tying the knot, fans could not get enough of the show and the stories surrounding the people brave enough to partake in the experiment.

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When all was said and done fan favorites Matthew Barnett, Amber Pike, Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton were all revealed to still be married, an entire year and a half after the cameras stopped rolling. In an interview with the Huffington Post both Cameron and Lauren discussed a multitude of topics, including how they plan on raising their children.

“We had to have these conversations about parenting in a mixed relationship,” Hamilton added. “Children who are mixed, how they’re going to be treated by society, what are other kids going to say to them at school, and how are we going to parent them when they’re being perceived as Black and are going to have different experiences than me as a white man?

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That was something that was critical for us to touch on, not because of the show, but because we were about to get married.”

Lauren also added how being visible and fully represented as her authentic self was very important to her.

“You don’t see a lot of Black women in reality TV being the object of affection or in the forefront or being admired,” she said. “I’m a quirky, kind of nerdy Black girl. Kind of awkward, too. So it’s great because a lot of people are seeing me and I feel like I’m representing a thing that wasn’t there before.”

Love is Blind is definitively one of the most popular series of 2020. And they have a huge following, including the entire Kardashian clan. According to Showbiz Cheatsheet Kim Kardashian is one of the show's most die hard fans. She even launched a tweet about how she was introduced to the show and she had some help from her sister Kendall Jenner and close friend La La Anthony, who both were the ones that got her hooked on the show in the first place.

But that's not the only show that the Kardashians enjoy to binge on whenever they have a moment.

In addition to Kardashian West and Jenner’s obsession with Love Is Blind, the famous family also can’t get enough of the hit ABC series, The Bachelor.

Despite their busy schedules, the supermodel and her younger sister Kylie Jenner make time to watch the latest season of the dating competition series.

They’ve even filmed themselves tuning into new episodes proving that just like us, they also enjoy watching this incredibly dramatic season.

Seems like the Kardashians love to watch reality drama just as much as they love being a part of it.

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