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Cast of 'Sister Wives'

'Sister Wives' Featured Another Huge Fight This Week

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By A. Elise

Fans of Sister Wives have watched Kody and Robyn Brown's relationship develop over the course of many seasons of the hit TLC show. Robyn and Kody have two children together, and Kody has adopted Robyn's oldest three. The family structure has played a significant role on Sister Wives.

This week, on an episode titled A Breaking Point, that structure was put in jeopardy after Robyn and Kody got into a major fight about their current living situation. The two got heated, and so did viewers.

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The Brown family
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Roby and Kody's fight was more intense than anything viewers had seen erupt between them. In fact, the pair usually appear quite happy with each other on screen. So what started the fight that everybody is talking about? It's all about moving.

Let's set the scene for what happened on last night's episode. In 2018, Kody moved his large family to Flagstaff, Arizona. Each wife moved into her own home. Robyn was forced to move once again because the owner of the house was selling her rental.

Kody, Christine, and Aspyn Brown filming
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The big fight came along when the couple decided what they were going to do next. Kody wanted to buy a home, but Robyn was against it. Kody relayed that his goal was purely based on the real estate market and hoped that buying a home would be a good investment in the future. For Robyn, it was all about finding a rental so that they could begin building homes on their land, Coyote Pass. Her goal was to reunite the family in one area.

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Robyn had some choice words to describe her husband in the show. Those words include "pushy" and "combative." She also expressed worry that the events happening would lead to real problems in their marriage.

Robyn believed that a rental unit would be available at the last minute. On the other hand, Kody's argument relied on the fact that they needed to take action, and his approach was intense. Ultimately, the fight came down to the message each thought God was sending them.

The Brown family sitting on stage
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Kody admitted on the episode that he had considered going against Robyn and buying a house on his own, even if that meant "[dissolving] the partnership." The fight got so intense that Robyn's oldest daughter was filmed having a panic attack about the situation.

Fans were quick to take sides after what they saw on the episode. Some called out Kody for making bad and controlling decisions throughout the entirety of the show, while others thought that Robyn was in denial.

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