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Radio Host Charlamagne Tha God Speaks Out After Joe Biden Refused to do His Show

Gettyimages | Dave Kotinsky
By Ben Robinson III

Being a shock jock is nothing new in the world of show business. Whether on radio or through television controversial figures have long been a staple in the world of entertainment, especially in this day and age where celebrities are an ever present fixture of our daily society. Talk show hosts tend to always ask the burning questions, most times with no remorse, and get to the bottom of celebrities' lives and scandals, sometimes while making fun of the situation themselves.

Of the past few years one of the most entertaining and controversial figures on the airwaves is Charlamagne Tha God, a self proposed protege of daytime talk show queen Wendy Williams. If anyone is familiar with his brand of interviewing then you know Charlamagne has absolutely zero tolerance for coddling celebrities or not asking whatever comes to mind first. It's a talent that has made him the up and coming legend that he is, though it has caused him a bit of backlash at times.

No one will ever forget when Brian 'Birdman' Williams appeared on Charlamagne's popular nationally syndicated morning show The Breakfast Club and famously told him, as well as the rest of the show's hosts including DJ Envy and Angela Yee, to put some RESPECK on his name. Of course, Charlamagne remained unfazed at the time and decided not to engage with the negativity, thus making him true to his outspoken reputation but also a true professional who knows when to disengage from any nonsense.


Well now, Charlamagne is the one who wants some respect put on his name, as he's speaking out after Presidential candidate Joe Biden has decided to skip his talk show The Breakfast Club, unlike other candidates including Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren who have both since dropped out. Fox News reports;

Charlamagne previously claimed that Biden was "avoiding" his show and insisted that "black surrogates" for the former vice president specifically did not want him talking to the candidate.


"Why?" MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin asked in response to those remarks.

"I really have no idea," Charlamagne said. "Joe Biden owes black people his political life, you know what I'm saying? So don't disrespect that base by not showing up, especially when all of your former opponents did.

Charlamagne also admitted Biden tried to send a "surrogate" in his place to be interviewed, but he rejected that idea as he wanted Biden to appear himself.

"That's kinda wack if all the other candidates went on themselves and you want to send a surrogate. Who do you think you are?" the radio host said.

Though he remains skeptical about Biden as presidential option right now Charlamagne did reveal he'd feel a bit more comfortable with Biden as the Democratic nominee if he added Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate.

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