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Kelly Clarkson vs. All: The Voice Judges Dish It Out On Competing With One Another

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By Jimmy Ha

Last season on The Voice, contestant Jake Hoot won season 17 which marked Judge Kelly Clarkson’s third win. That means that for season 18, the “Since You’ve Been Gone” singer will have all other judges gunning for her. But, that doesn’t mean she’s backing down either.

Clarkson (half-jokingly) told Nick Jonas that they need to team up with fellow judge John Legend and team up against Blake Shelton for this season.

Clarkson said on an early promo for this season, “I just want to warn you of a couple things. Blake lies like a lot. He will say and do anything to get someone on his team.”

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Clarkson and Shelton have been causing quite a stir on the show due to their rivalry.

“You guys have been fighting a lot,” Legend said in an episode. “Nick and I, I called it,” said Clarkson. “Before we even started the blinds [blind auditions] I looked at him [Shelton] and I was like ‘We’re gonna turn for the same people.'”

But, it seems like Jonas also seems to be having his own best interests as a priority. He used his one block on Clarkson when contestant Arei Moon sang, “Miss Independent” (Clarkson’s own song). “I thought I had this in the bag and then I got blocked. That was hurtful, Nick,” Clarkson said.

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Shelton poured salt on the wound and mentioned on a recent interview with ABC Radio that he is quite happy about Clarkson’s early struggles during this seasons auditions.

“Kelly is still up to her old tricks. I think the artists who audition for this show, who watch the show, they’re kind of onto her, though,” he said. “She has a little tougher time this season getting people on her team than she’s ever had before. In fact, there was a day or two she was starting to get depressed, which made me very happy.”

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Clarkson is off to a tough start this season and is having a hard time getting artists to join her team. This makes the other judges quite happy as they would all love to have a shot at coaching a champion this season.

Shelton went continued and talked about his opinions on how the other coaches are doing this season.

“I don’t know what it is about that guy [Legend],” he said. “He never really has to compete that hard to get people on his team. But with Nick here, he gets humbled a few times.”

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There is still time left for the coaches to finalize their teams so fans of the show will have to wait to see how the show turns out.

The Voice is now on Season 18 and has been a family favorite since it first aired back in 2011. As mentioned before, Kelly Clarkson is the reigning champion coach. It seems as though she isn’t having the best start so far, but at the end of the day, the show is not necessarily about the judges themselves, but finding the best undiscovered voice; which is something all of them can agree upon.

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