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Pussycat Dolls Stand Strong Against Body-Shaming Comments

Gettyimages | Neil Mockford
By Jimmy Ha

The Pussycat Dolls have been back in the spotlight after the news of their comeback. However, many critics on social media have mentioned that the group is a bit provocative in how they are dressing and presenting themselves.

However, the girls don’t seem to be letting negative naysayers have any impact on how they feel or how they plan to go about their future promotion plans.

It’s been over a decade since the members have gotten together. During that time, they had to gain enough courage to make a comeback.

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In a recent interview with U.K.'s Glamour magazine, the Pussycat Dolls opened up about how they deal with shaming comments on social media.

Kimberly Wyatt said, "It’s a reflection of the people who are writing it and responding to it. I just think, 'why do you have such a problem with women being sexy and being comfortable in their bodies?’. Because we are just celebrating our power. People need to get over it and it’s time to celebrate whoever you are."

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter/Getty Images for DCPNYE

Ashley Roberts who is now 38 said that she was told to dress more like her age which implied that she should be dressing more conservatively. But, the singer felt otherwise and explained her opinion on the matter in this way:

"It made me think, 'do I feel that way?' as it should be the opposite. We should be able to choose when we want to be sexy," Roberts said. "We as women need to build a space where no matter your quirkiness, your curves or whatever you have got you can come to us and feel accepted."

Gettyimages | Neil Mockford

Carmit Bachar said that she gets her confidence from her mother, and said she understands that there are views on what is appropriate in regards to certain age groups.

"I know my mother was a dancer and she always taught me to celebrate my body and express myself," she said. "Our intention behind it is only positive. We are not doing anything overt, it’s for performance and appreciation."

Bachar continued on and talked about how she fights her struggles with image mentally.

"All of our bodies have changed but I know when it comes to your mental space you have to be gentle and compassionate with yourself. You have to love all the curves and that is what makes us women," she said. "That is what makes us sexy. We work so hard so for us to be so judgmental of ourselves is just crazy. We look back at older pictures now and I think why did I beat myself up?"

Gettyimages | Neil Mockford

Nicole Scherzinger has been in the spotlight consistently since the initial hiatus of the group. But she also chimed in about her thoughts regarding how she chooses to accept and love herself in spite of struggles with self-image.

"Especially what just happened with our friend Kobe Bryant, it shows life is so short and you have to love yourself, love each moment and love each other," she said. "The key change for me is acceptance. It’s crazy how much I used to beat myself up."

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