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Jamie Foxx Wants To Stay Safe From Coronavirus Using Hand Sanitizer After Shaking Hands With Fans

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By Mario Perez

Never one to shy away from taking pictures and shaking hands with fans Jamie Foxx is still doing so in spite of the concerns over the spread of coronavirus in the United States. The actor and singer was recently spotted at the Sunset Room in Hollywood at a birthday party for a long time friend of his. When he was approached by a fan with whom he shook hands and took a moment to actually listen to. After the interaction though Foxx was seen using hand sanitizer just in case.

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An OK Gesture

Unsplash | Ashkan Forouzani

Usually, when stars want to wipe their hands or faces when they are approached by fans it is taken as a sign of disrespect. The truth is, with how things are with the coronavirus at this point in time Foxx's reaction was perfect. He was not afraid to interact with fans as he usually does.

After the interaction, he just wanted to make sure that he was safe from any potential diseases. That is not to say that everyone should race to buy hand sanitizer.

Events Being Cancelled

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The fear over coronavirus spreading has made the authorities reconsider allowing a lot of different types of public events to take place. A wide variety of events from music festivals, to individual concerts and sporting events, have been canceled.

The most recent event to get the ax over the coronavirus fears was the Indian Wells tennis tournament. Which, is certainly one of the most notable tennis tournaments every year in the circuit just outside of the major championships. Even though, the threat is real some people don't see the need to cancel public appearances.

NBA Players Against Playing Without Crowds

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Notable NBA players such as LeBron James have spoken out against banning people from entering sports arenas. James himself said that he would essentially sit out if fans were not allowed to come to the games.

Without a doubt, fans are a big part of the game. Yet, that does not mean that if things get bad people should not be banned from some of the games. It is odd that some players would be against this type of measure which, seems to be a safety-first type of deal.

The Entertainment Industry Taking A Big Hit

Unsplash | Austin Distel

The entertainment industry is perhaps the industry that is most going to suffer from these Coronavirus concerns. Recently with the cancellation of the SouthBySouthWest film festival organizers took a major hit as they did not have insurance that could cover this situation.

Sporting events across the world, for example, have continued to be played, but without people in the stands. That could be the fate of the NCAA basketball tournament if things don't get much better in the upcoming days.

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