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Acacia Brinley looks exotic in this tweets as she stuns in a black dress.

Acacia Brinley Apologizes for Using Racial Slurs in the Past

Gettyimages | David Livingston
By Favour

Popular YouTube content creator known as Acacia Brinley and several other online influencers have been brought to book by fans regarding some tweets that recently resurfaced. According to reports, these tweets contain several keywords that points to racism and the internet is going wild. Other influencers who have been facing backlash for these acts include; Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni, the stars of “Vanderpump Rules,” Camila Cabello and Gigi Hadid.

After seeing what these stars posted a long time ago, fans did not spare them in any way.

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Acacia Brinley looks stylish in this black top-bra with a white long chiffon skirt and sneakers to match.
Gettyimages | David Livingston

Presently, Brinley is the latest YourTuber in the receiving end of backlashes from angry fans, especially the race that was affected in the tweets.

In Cabello’s case, her long time friend and former girl band partner, Normani called her out for the statement she made, saying that she did not see their friendship as important and apologizing years later cannot make up for what she said in the tweet.

No one knows if any of this will blow over soon, or these youngsters have just found themselves in a boiling soup.

Acacia Brinley sharing a lovely photo with other YouTube content creators.
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Brinley first got a Tumblr account as a teenager, where she posted a lot of things. However, now, she is a mother, wife and a major YouTuber. For several years now, Brinley has entertained her fans online and everyone loved and adored her. Unfortunately, her past caught up to her and fans began to take steps back from the television star.

Many fans insisted that they would cancel the YouTube Influencer and stop paying attention to her until she apologized for what she did.


In a tweet shared recently which dates back to years ago when Brinley was still a vey young girl. She posted several remarks regarding a race and things went downhill from there.

The allegations were getting pretty serious and there was no way Brinley could have ignored anymore. The television personality responded to the backlash from fans. This was in a bid to settle everything as soon as possible, before any more damage was done and she did to an extent.

Acacia Brinley looks amazing in this photo highlighting the top of her flowery dress with intense make-up.
Gettyimages | JB Lacroix

A fan had begun accusing the YouTube star of being a racist because of her slur racial remarks and several fans picked it up from there.

To calm the situation down, Brinley came forward to address the situation, offering a warm and heartfelt apology to everyone who may have been hurt by what she did in the past. She also mentioned that although she cannot change what has happened, she wishes that it could happen, so that she could have done things differently.

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