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Joe Biden speaking at a campaign event

Who's Endorsed Biden Since Super Tuesday?

Gettyimages | David McNew
By Robin Zabiegalski

Endorsements from high-profile Democrats, including former candidates, have been crucial in Biden's recent surge of success. The night before Super Tuesday, former candidates Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar, attended a rally for Biden and announced their endorsements. Former Texas Representative Beto O'Rourke also announced his endorsement at that event.

After Super Tuesday, Mike Bloomberg also endorsed Biden after dropping out of the race. Since then, several other high profile Democrats have announced their endorsements of Biden, which could give him a huge boost headed into Tuesday's primaries.

Here are a few of the most important endorsements Biden has received since Super Tuesday.

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Senator Dick Durbin

Senator Dick Durbin
Gettyimages | Aaron P. Bernstein

Senator Dick Durbin is the Senate Minority Whip, which makes him the second most powerful Democrat in the Senate. He's a longtime fan of Biden, and on Friday he made his support official by announcing his endorsement.

Durbin said, “America needs a President who can start to heal the wounds of this divided nation. Joe Biden will be that President."

An endorsement from such a powerful Democrat is just the latest indication that the Democratic establishment is putting all their eggs in the Biden basket.

Senator Kamala Harris

Senator Kamala Harris
Gettyimages | Mason Trinca

On Sunday, Senator Kamala Harris added her name to the growing list of ex-Democratic candidates who are endorsing Biden. When Harris was part of the Democratic race, she and Biden often clashed on the debate stage.

But it appears she's gotten over her objections to Biden, or at least she's put them aside in favor of party unity.

Harris said, "I believe in Joe. I really believe in him, and I have known him for a long time. One of the things that we need right now, is we need a leader who really does care about the people and who can therefore unify the people. And I believe Joe can do that."

Senator Cory Booker

Senator Cory Booker
Wikimedia |

On Monday, Senator Cory Booker became the latest former Democratic candidate to announce his support for Joe Biden. Booker's endorsement means that Biden has clinched the endorsements of two of the three Black candidates who were in the Democratic race.

Booker tweeted, "The answer to hatred & division is to reignite our spirit of common purpose. @JoeBiden won't only win - he'll show there's more that unites us than divides us."

Booker's and Harris's endorsements would have been crucial to Bernie Sanders's campaign, which has been struggling with Black voters. So, not only do these endorsements help Biden, they deal Sanders a serious blow.

Brady Campaign & Everytown for Gun Safety

Joe Biden speaking at the Presidential Gun Sense Forum
Gettyimages | Stephen Maturen

Biden also nabbed two other endorsements that hurt the Sanders's campaign.

The Brady Campaign and Everytown for Gun Safety, two major organizations that advocate for gun control, both announced that they would be supporting Biden. Biden has always had a good reputation with gun control organizations, while Sanders has repeatedly been criticized for his stance on gun control.

Though the endorsements are definitely a good thing for Biden, the power of these endorsements is really that they indicate that major gun control organizations aren't supporting Sanders.

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