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Age has nothing on Angelina Jolie as she looks amazing while giving a speech on a podium.

Angelina Jolie Opens Up About Her Kids Getting Hospitalized! Why?

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Angelina Jolie has just revealed to the world that so of her daughters had to go through surgery and fans are more than shocked. The 44-year-old star actress disclosed this information on International Women’s Day when she wrote an essay for Time Magazine.

After hearing what the actress to say, fans were dumbstruck and terrified at the same time. Jolie is taking care of a precisely large family, and since she split from her husband, Brad Pitt, things have no doubt taken a new turn in her life.

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Angelina Jolie is captured on camera while speaking, but she still looks magnificent.
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Taking care of a large family as a single parent comes with its difficulties, but that does not mean that you cannot pull through in some situations. Jolie and Pitt have had a rough past few months, and at some point, it seemed like they would always be at each other’s throats. With the battle for custody of children and trying to move to mother country, fans really though that this couple will never see eye-to-eye. Fortunately, the did and decided to co-parent amicably.

Angelina Jolie takes a family photo with her kids and they all look amazing.
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Two of Jolie’s daughters known as Zahara and Shiloh/Vivienne (which is not clear at this time) underwent a major surgery to correct some things in their bodies. Although the actress did not fully reveal why her daughters had to go through surgery, she however said that the youngest of them had a surgery done on her hip.

She also mentioned how amazed and excited she is that her other children are going through this difficult time together and trying to pull through for the sake of heir siblings.

A beautiful photo of Angelina Jolie walking down a grey rug in a black dress and matching pumps.
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In her statement, Jolie did not speak about her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, but this was not surprising to anyone, considering all the drama the ex-couple have been through in the past. So, when Jolie speaks about her family, she is mainly speaking about her children.

24 hours after Jolie’s essay for Time made it to social media platforms, PageSix went ahead to report that Pitt has been with his daughters; showing them all the love and support they need throughout this painful experience.

A beautiful photo of Angelina Jolie with four of her kids and they all look amazing.
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The report also mentioned that Pitt had to skip the BAFTA award ceremony which held in February because of this family issue. If this is not daddy goals, then what is?

Aside from Jolie’s children, the actress has also had to undergo a major surgery in the past. She once revealed that she had a double mastectomy, which later resulted in her removing her ovaries to held her ward off cancer or any other related illness.

The actress is set to feature in an amazing upcoming movie titled “Those Who Wish Me Dead.”

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