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Brad Pitt

Is Brad Pitt Being Cast For Marvel's Version Of Superman?

Gettyimages | VALERIE MACON
By Jacob Highley

Brad Pitt is an extremely famous actor. His celebrity relationships, movie roles, and 'snack' status among fans has made him a star-studded icon.

Most everyone has seen at least one movie with Brad in it. He has come a long way from his first few roles with limited exposure and has absolutely dominated tabloids for many years as one of the most attractive men ever.

Recently he is rumored as possibly being a choice for a prominent lead role in an upcoming Marvel movie.

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Brad Has Been In A Marvel Movie Before


This wouldn't be the first time Brad has been a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He was featured as a villain in 'Deadpool 2' leaving fans hungry for more.

Brad's ability to adopt a character quickly is one of his best acting traits. He becomes the character he plays and it isn't hard to see why Marvel would be eyeing him for casting.

Honestly, I hope he gets a really flashy role. I want to see Brad in a super cool outfit and have some sweet powers.

Brad's Fan Base Head Over Heals

Wikimedia |

Fans are going crazy over the news that Brad may be returning for another super hero movie. Social media is full of fan suggestions, ideas, and support for him to accept if offered a role.

I think Brad is probably debating whether he wants to accept a movie that could turn into a series. We've seen movies like Iron Man, and Captain America have long contracts due to the plans for sequels.

I really think Brad should definitely take a role. Disney Plus is taking off like a rocket and being in a Marvel movie at this time could mean big cha-ching!

Aging Like A Champ

brad pitt
Wikimedia |

A lot of fans admire Brad for more than his acting career (obviously) since he ages so well through the years. He is currently 56 and looks fantastic!

While there are certainly some negative people out there who call him "old" and troll supporters on social media, many fans regularly post their favorite pictures of Brad.

I gotta say, I too am impressed by how well Brad looks. He definitely takes care of himself and I could totally see him beefed out in a Marvel movie.

Will He Take The Role?

brd pitt
Gettyimages | Gregg DeGuire

I'm guessing if he doesn't get the 'Superman' role, he is no doubt going to accept another prominent one soon. Brad has a habit of never staying away from a movie set for too long.

A big part of his fame has been attributed to his physique, so I expect he will take a muscle-flex movie. He is no doubt going to be eye candy all day long.

And that goes for a less flashy role too! He doesn't need a tight suit to impress.

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