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Ryan Coogler and Chadwick Boseman

'Black Panther 2' and Other MCU Teasers

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By Sharon Oliver

‘Black Panther’ had a villain so bad yet so good it’s hard to imagine anyone topping the performance of Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan). Nevertheless, the rumor mill is grinding out a tidbit on who that character just might be.

Yes, rumor has it that Ryan Coogler, who will be returning as director, has already picked T’Challa’s (Chadwick Boseman) new foe. Some think Killmonger will make another appearance. Did someone slip him some vibranium to resurrect his dead body? Meanwhile, others have a specific character in mind.

What to Expect with ‘Black Panther 2’


Coogler won’t comment on speculation surrounding the sequel, but one insider claims the young director will be introducing Namor as the new meanie. Supposedly, Namor will be accompanied by other henchmen, including Ulysses Klaue, who was in the first movie. Klaue certainly would have a score to settle. Will vibranium revive him too?

There is also an interesting rumor that T’Challa’s little sister Shuri (Letitia Wright) is poised to replace him as the Black Panther in future. Of course, Marvel has not confirmed this, but the source believes the transition will take place following ‘Avengers 5,’ another rumored project.

MCU Phase 4


Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has certainly taken a lion’s share of profits over the past few years with one box office hit after another. The studio has remained mum about Phase 5 projects, but Marvel fans already know this year’s slate for Phase 4 include: ‘Black Widow’ scheduled to hit theaters in May and ‘The Eternals,’ with a theater debut date in November.

Outside of the MCU, the studio is set to release a horde of television shows on Disney+. The lineup includes: ‘Hawkeye,’ ‘Falcon and the Winter Solider,’ ‘Loki,’ and ‘WandaVision.’

MCU Phase 5

Marvel Studios
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While fans wait to get through Phase 4 with anticipation of what to expect with Phase 5, there are a few strong guesses as to what to look forward to. The only film that has a confirmed released date is ‘Black Panther 2,’ which is slated to premiere in theaters in May 2022. Oh, the agony. The studio was gracious enough to confirm that Letitia Wright, Martin Freeman and Danai Gurira will be reprising their roles.

As for other films under the Phase 5 umbrella, those are likely to be: ‘Captain Marvel 2,’ ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,’ ‘Ant-Man 3,’ ‘Blade,’ and ‘Deadpool 3.’

‘Black Panther 2’ Plot

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As for the plot, Marvel president Kevin Feige did share that Ryan Coogler does have a story in mind for the sequel but is taking his time fleshing out the details. According to the same insider who alleges the new villain is a character named Namor, the plot will involve the city of Atlantis.

The insider claims that Wakandans unknowingly pollute the fabled city and Namor surfaces to protect his fellow citizens. The sequel’s subtitle may be ‘Lost Kingdom,’ something that had been leaked a few months ago.

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