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Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt's Self-Image Issues: How Katherine Schwarzenegger Helped His Insecurity

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By Nicholas Vrchoticky

Self-image issues are difficult things to analyze without a history of advanced research into psychology, so we may never know why Chris Pratt has suffered from them. Given his level of fame and some of the ripped starring roles this actor has had, it's difficult to think he could have a problem with his self-image in the first place, but it's been reported that he has in the past, particularly while married to Anna Faris.

Luckily, his new wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, has helped him along in healing his self-image issues. Read on to learn more.

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Where'd his self-image issues come from?

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris
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Well, we can't say for certain without knowing Pratt's entire psychological history. But, a source reported to US Weekly that his issues started before he got together with Anna Faris and continued into their relationship. The source says:

"Chris was very insecure about himself before he started dating Katherine. He never felt ‘good enough’ for Anna Faris, and then when their relationship started to go downward, he was angry and not liking who he was."

The couple separated in August 2017 after an eight-year marriage.

Was fame the culprit?

Chris Pratt
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Pratt went from waiting tables at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company to fame practically overnight after being discovered by Tommy Chong's daughter, Rae Dawn Chong, around the year 2000. He had sporadic parts in films and landed a full-time gig in Parks and Recreation. From there, the rest is pretty well-known.

Self-image issues can easily arise from having your whole life unfold before a camera, and Pratt had to adjust to that within a short time-frame. Sure, going from nothing to uber-famous within a decade doesn't sound very fast but in Hollywood, that's a rare sprint.

Pratt was pretty young when the fame hit

Chris Pratt
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Since Pratt wasn't even 35 years old when fame came crashing through his door, it's possible he hadn't grown into his self-image yet. On top of his age, Pratt is known to be a fairly religious person, so it's also possible that he didn't feel comfortable with money he was making or the spotlight-idol he'd become.

When we look at what Pratt thinks of himself, he's openly admitted his head isn't always on the straightest. He told PEOPLE in a recent interview:

"My nickname on these press tours is Yard Sale because I’m such a scatterbrain."

Katherine Schwarzenegger has helped a lot

Katherine Schwarzenegger
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When talking about Katherine's influence on Pratt, the unnamed source at US Weekly claimed:

"Katherine really changed all of that and Chris has a much healthier self-image now. He goes out with friends more and is overall just much happier. Chris is much more laid-back with Katherine and is so comfortable and happy."

Pratt said to Schwarzenegger December 2019 in an Instagram post:

"I don’t know what I’d do without you. Probably get locked out on the balcony somehow and have to live there or be wandering around some city with an uncharged phone and only one shoe, late for work like some kind of anxiety fever dream. I honestly don’t even want to think about it."

We wish all the best to Pratt, Schwarzenegger, and Pratt's self-image.

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