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Tracee Ellis Ross is 'Happily Single'

Gettyimages | Amy Sussman
By Imani Ford

During Oprah’s 2020 vision tour, Oprah had Tracee Ellis Ross attend a show. This beautiful actress who plays Dr. Rainbow Johnson on the award-winning series Black-ish sits down with Oprah and discusses aspects of her life. Running for almost 44 minutes, Tracee answers so many questions that fans wanted to know. Opening the show, Tracee admitted that she would fly to the moon for Oprah. Oprah goes on to say that she admires Tracee because she is the perfect example of a woman living a full life.

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A Juicy Life

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“As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more myself. The more I am myself, the more my life looks like me” Tracee says. As she’s gotten older, she discovered what she wants for her life. In 2017, Tracee interviewed with Glamour Magazine and what she said stuck with Oprah. “Remember God loves you,” Oprah says when reminiscing on what Maya Angelou told her. Tracee then becomes candid about a moment in her life too. She admits that during a period in her life, she had been out of a relationship for quite some time and she was struggling with anxiety.

How She Overcame Her Obstacles


Tracee had anxiety about telling the guy she used to date that she wanted to date other people. This made her analyze why she felt that way. As she was journaling she wrote, “my life is mine.” Tracee admits that what she just wrote took her breath away. That moment launched her into the life she has now. “Where are the places I’m not living my own life” was a question that arose from this epiphany. Even after this realization, she admitted that she didn’t start to implement this idea into her life right away.

Tracee is an Example


Oprah then goes on to say how a lot of women in 2020 look to Tracee as an example of being an unmarried woman and what it should and could look like. “I think many of us were taught to grow up dreaming of our wedding and not of our life,” Tracee says as the crowd applauds her. The 47-year-old goes on to say that she doesn’t mind that people ask her all the time why she isn’t married with kids. “Every time they ask me, it’s an opportunity for me to change the narrative and expand the story of what we can be and who we are as women” Tracee beautifully explains.

Tracee Has a List

Gettyimages | Morgan Lieberman

Tracee then starts talking about her list and what she wants in a man. She admits that the list has expanded as time has gone on. Her mom told her to be as specific as possible. For those who don’t know, Tracee’s mom is the legendary singer and actress Diana Ross. Oprah admitted that she didn’t want to marry because that was not the life she imagined for herself. The interview continued to dive into more of getting to know herself and how she became the woman she is today. If anyone wants to check it out, the full interview is on YouTube.

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