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Bernie Sanders Has Been Officially Cosigned By Jesse Jackson

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By kenadijiba

A major criticism made against Bernie Sanders and his campaign is the lack of black attachment. A lot of the people who stereotypically follow Sanders have been characterized as overly educated young white people, or latinos. The assumption that Bernie can't revamp his image and authentically connect to the black community isn't wise. After Jesse Jacskon who in many ways speaks on behalf of an array of African Americans due to his hard and dedication to civil rights, decided to publicly endorse Sanders this could be a game changer.

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His Connection To Civil Rights

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It is kind of nonsensical that Bernie is having a hard time building a relationship with African Americans considering he is the only candidate that has evidence of actually defending the black community. Before it was popular Sanders was out there in the streets fighting the good fight. The pictures that leave an imprint on any human being who has seen them, where Bernie is being detained by police for standing up on behalf of black people, or iconically the photo of him marching with Dr. King, where is the disconnect?

A True Ally?

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What should make Sanders even more of a true ally is the fact that he never manipulates those acts as a patch of honor. He is someone who has always been the quintessential representation of a no nonsense patriot, and it is time to attack with precision why he is falling short. Is it because of his age? Is the black community okay with Joe Biden because of his proximity to Barack Obama? What has to be recognized in Sanders camp is the importance of highlighting black issues in a non pandering esque manner, and promoting commonalities among the masses.

The Next Debate


In the coming days leading up to the next debate which is sure to be a turning point for either candidate, each of them needs to solidify their goals and plans for how to combate issues that are going on right now. We as the people of The United States want to know what they would do in comparison to Trump when it comes to the Coronavirus, North Korea, and Immigration. What really sets you apart from the current administration, and ones from the past? How can you change the playing field?

Will They Go Low

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Another thing floating around in the political sphere is if either frontrunners will go low, and hit the other where it hurts. Are they going to play nasty and reveal to the public things we do not know. Is Bernie going to do what Elizabeth Warren did and treat Biden like Mike Bloomberg. Would it benefit Biden to shut Bernie down with some hidden information he has sent to him under an ambiguous desk. Maybe Democrats will keep their word and not start any unnecessary drama just for a hot take on social media.

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