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OG is Countersuing Evelyn Lozada Because She Claims What Happened on 'Basketball Wives' Landed Her in the ER

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By Imani Ford

As everyone knows, Evelyn has always spoken her mind. Not only does she say what she wants, but she also swings when she wants to too. She has had a lot of infamous fights with numerous castmates. Some fights include Evelyn jumping over a table to get to Jennifer and Evelyn getting mushed in the face by Tami Roman. Even though these fights are well known, her most recent fight involved the newcomer Ogum “OG” Chijindu. Even though Tami was a handful, it seems like Evelyn finally met her match with OG.

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Fighting on Vacation

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While the cast was on vacation, Evelyn and OG have an explosive fight. They had tension for a while now, but during this trip, things boiled over. Evelyn wanted to come with receipts when she decided to confront OG about knowing Chad. OG claims that she and Chad used to talk and as most fans know, that’s Evelyn’s ex-husband. After confronting OG with the message receipts, their hilarious back and forth began to ensue. Evelyn claims that she was acting like a groupie to Chad and he didn’t want her like that.

“We Were Engaged”


“Chad thinks I’m beautiful because he does.” Those were the words that OG said when Evelyn decided to confront her on vacation. The day before when these two women were arguing, Evelyn called OG ugly and that was OG’s response. Evelyn then pulls out the DM’s which show an altered version of a conversation between OG and Chad. OG then comes with her messages to prove that he did slide into her DM's. This is when OG let it be known that she started to talk to Chad back in 2011. This is the same year that Evelyn was engaged to him.

Favorite Athletes, Favorite Athlete

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Turns out, the two of them exchanged numbers. The messages that Evelyn had, were only the ones from Twitter. They had a complete text chain that Evelyn didn’t know anything about. “Chad wants to be with a black woman” OG yells. OG even called Evelyn out for using the N-word and claiming to be Afro-Latina whenever it best suits her. “No matter how loud OG gets and wants to shake her lil dirty lil a--, I feel like my receipts spoke for themselves,” Evelyn says to the camera. Evelyn faced a lot of backlash from this comment because it is deeply rooted in the issue of colorism.

Things Take a Legal Turn


Almost 5 months ago, Evelyn decided to sue OG for defamation. Because Evelyn put a gorilla emoji to represent OG, she lost tons of endorsement deals due to her racism. What makes the situation crazier is that OG found out about the case via the internet. Evelyn’s case got dropped because she didn’t even show up to court. Recently, OG is countersuing Evelyn because of stress and anxiety. After news came out that Evelyn is suing, OG claims that she had to go to the hospital due to chest pains. This is why she is countersuing Evelyn.

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