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Bradley and family

Bradley Cooper Adores His Daughter With Ex-Girlfriend After Breakup

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By Jacob Highley

Bradley Cooper is an incredible actor and filmmaker. He has received so many nominations for his outstanding talent in the movie industry.

He has a real connection with fans who love his career and who think he's hot. (Plus did you know he voices 'Rocket Raccoon' from the Marvel movies?)

He has had several relationships. He was married to Jennifer Esposito for year before getting a divorce. After that, he was in a dating relationship with Irina Shayk for 4 years. (Ended June 2019) He had a daughter with Irina, named Lea de Seine.

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Bradley On Good Terms With Irina

Irina and Bradley
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Despite what many people thought would be a painful end to such a long relationship, Bradley and Irina have enjoyed a rather peaceful agreement to simply co-raise the child separately.

Lately, the news has been all over Bradley and his 2 year old daughter enjoying sweet times out together. Just a day or two ago he was seen leaving a birthday party with Lea carrying her on his shoulders.

I for one found this picture adorable! Plus it is nice to see that Bradley is taking care of himself. He looks good.

Bradley Cooper, The Hunk


Bradley has become something of an obsession for people through the years. He has charm and energy all his own. It has made him truly a unique presence in Hollywood.

One only has to view his movie with Lady Gaga to understand just how versatile an actor he is.

I know the movie got flak, but you have to admit that Bradley absolutely smashed his role. I wasn't surprised when he received several nominations and won awards for his role.

Are Bradley And Irina Going To Get Back Together?

Hand holding
Unsplash | Giang Vu

It is good to see that Bradley has an active role in his daughter's life. I know relationships don't always work out, but coming from a family with both a dad and a mom made a huge difference for me personally.

I can't imagine growing up without one of my parents.

Bradley has come forward saying how much he loves his daughter, and still wishes the best for Irina. They split on good terms and have been seen together having quality time with their daughter. (Is a reunion between them not far behind?)

Rumors Going Around

Irina and Bradley
Gettyimages | VALERIE MACON

Did you know that Bradley also got an Academy Award for producing "Joker"(2019)? I wonder what his next movie will be? Rumors are going about, but mostly about Irina and him getting back together.

Ya know, after 4 years with someone, wouldn't you know them pretty well at that point? I wonder why he didn't tie the knot? Irina isn't short on looks and character that for sure.

I have been seeing signs that they may be planning to move in together and possibly reunite, but will that lead to engagement? Or perhaps just an extended sleepover?

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