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Katherine Schwarzenegger Helped Chris Pratt With Insecurities About His Self-Image

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By Brian Morales

You probably know Chris Pratt as Starlord from Guardians of the Galaxy, or maybe from his role in the Jurassic World franchise. If those aren't ringing any bells, then you probably know him as the silly, and eccentric Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation.

As one of Hollywood's biggest stars right now, it strange to hear that Chris Pratt actually had insecurities about his self image. This was back when he was engaged to Anna Faris a few years back.

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Pratt's Path to a Star

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One of the possible reasons that Pratt might have started to doubt himself could perhaps be his quick transition to fame. A young Pratt was once waiting tables before being discovered, and asked to act in an indie horror film project. From there, Pratt only went up. It wasn't long before Pratt was cast as Andy in Parks and Rec. After that he was eventually cast in the MCU.

In such a short time frame, Chris Pratt's life would change forever.

Relationship with Anna Faris

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In an interview with Us Weekly an insider apparently said that his insecurties began when he was with his ex-wife Anna Faris a few years back:

"Chris was very insecure about himself before he started dating Katherine, He never felt ‘good enough’ for Anna Faris, and then when their relationship started to go downward, he was angry and not liking who he was"

Anna Faris, and Chris Pratt decided to divorce in 2018 after being together for all of 9 years

Katherine's Help

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Shortly after that, Chris Pratt met Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger. Apparently, Schwarzenegger played a vital role in reassuring Chris Pratt's worth, and the idea that he's good enough. The close source adds:

"Katherine really changed all of that and Chris has a much healthier self-image now,” the insider says. "He goes out with friends more and is overall just much happier. Chris is much more laid-back with Katherine and is so comfortable and happy."

Looks like Katherine came to the rescue at a great time.

Bright Time Ahead

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Pratt and Schwarzenegger seem to be in a sweet spot. Pratt took to Instagram recently with these heart-warming words for Schwarzenegger:

"So happy to have you in my life...I don’t know what I’d do without you. Probably get locked out on the balcony somehow and have to live there or be wandering around some city with an uncharged phone and only one shoe, late for work like some kind of anxiety fever dream. I honestly don’t even want to think about it."

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