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Kevin Hart's Stunt Double Revealed in Hilarious BTS Video

@kevinhart4real / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Behind every leading man in Hollywood, is a slightly taller man risking their lives with insane action shots, and Kevin Hart is no different.

The "Jumanji" star just pulled back the curtain behind the movie magic and revealed his stunt double while on set of his new Quibi series, "Die Hart."

While on location in a wooded area, Hart gets brought up to speed on the upcoming shot, which involves some death-defying moves ... that will fall on the shoulders of his stunt double.

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Stunt Double Revealed!

@kevinhart4real / Instagram

While getting the rundown from director Eric Appel, Hart appears ready for the challenge.

Appel describes that Hart will be running a 20 ft dash before "soaring" over a deep ravine and threw some power lines before landing on the other side unscathed.

The movie star seems up to the challenge, however his stunt double is revealed to be less than enthusiastic once Hart explains how he handles his own action sequences.

Hart remarked that the shot seemed "easy," especially for a seasoned vet like himself. He added that only a handful of actors, including himself, Tom Cruise and Harrison Ford are able to pull off their own stunts.

What's His Name?

While Hart didn't give his stuntman a shoutout by name, they've been working together for quite some time.

The stunt double's name is Samuel Jaye Paul, and he's a seasoned stuntman who has worked as Hart's backup for some of his biggest movies, including "Central Intelligence," "Ride Along 2" and "Jumanji: The Next Level."

Paul also appeared in "Black Panther" and the upcoming DC flick, "The Suicide Squad."

As for his likeness to Kevin Hart, sure they are dressed similar, but many fans pointed out one key difference that apparently gets masked with the power of movie magic.

"When your stunt man is like a foot taller than you!" one fan wrote.

Many others echoed a similar sentiment, however they obviously make it work.

Calling Out The Rock

Gettyimages | Victor Chavez

"The rest of the guys are p-----s!" Hart continued to exclaim after taking credit for his own stunts.

He added, "Dwayne the Rock Johnson ... if they only knew, right?! What a b---h!"

Hart and Johnson are well known for ripping each other to pieces, in a good-hearted way, during their own movies. However, Hart is making sure his big buddy gets some love even when they aren't working together.

It's unclear if The Rock has learned of the shade thrown by Hart, as the WWE star has been hard at work on his latest project, "Red Notice."

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