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Is Meghan McCain Spilling all of 'The View's Behind The Scenes Secrets?

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By Ben Robinson III

Although the women of daytime television staple The View pride themselves on being a diverse group of ladies from various backgrounds one co-host who constantly remains problematic is Meghan McCain, who has no problem letting her true feelings be known. The daughter of late longtime Washington DC powerhouse John McCain, Meghan is one of the most outspoken and polarizing individuals on the panel. And her behavior sometimes causes moments of tension and division within the panel as well as with audiences.

McCain's antics on the show will most certainly go down in history as some of the most controversial, and her interactions with longtime co-host Joy Behar will definitely have a section by itself in any upcoming tell all books. Especially considering the two of them go at it with no remorse. Mediaite reports one instance in particular where Behar and McCain exchanged words on air after McCain made it very clear that she was standing with her beloved Republican party in the upcoming presidential election.

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In a recent conversation during The View the topic of now former presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg came up. And that's when the ladies got into it.

After Whoopi Goldberg laid out how Bloomberg might come under attack for his numerous, unearthed controversial statements, McCain called out his “cheap way” of running for president and said she is glad to see that “he’s finally gonna have to man up” on stage with his fellow Democrats.

After McCain elaborated that clinching the nomination is going to be “a lot harder” than Team Bloomberg thinks, Behar jumped in to say that “if we keep taking the Democrats down, Trump is going to win.”

“If Democrats don’t take him out, Republicans will,” McCain responded with a warning.

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Showbiz Cheatsheet reports that in the aftermath of former co-host Abby Huntsman's departure there were rumors swirling that she and McCain were often at odds. Now, in an attempt to spill all the tea McCain is revealing what really went down behind the scenes.

One of the rumors that turned out to be true was that Huntsman and McCain had a fight. During an interview on Watch What Happens Live, McCain finally addressed their issue.

“We did get in a fight, which is a very small fight and a friend-fight,” McCain confirmed. “All friendships have ups and downs and it was bizarre for me to have the fact that we got into one fight to be put under dissection in the media.”

But that's not all. It's now being reported that although all of the ladies are tired of the constant stories being leaked about their backstage drama it may be McCain who's doing all the talking.

A new report from Daily Mail is now suggesting that McCain is “back to her old ways of causing backstage drama.” They further allege that before Huntsman left, she told the rest of the ladies that McCain was “using her husband to plant stories about the show.”

“Abby told the ladies that Meghan loves playing the victim because she not only feels that it garners her sympathy as a hardcore conservative, but it deflects from people figuring out that she’s been the one manipulating everyone by leaking stories on the show all along,” the source told the publication.

Could McCain's days on The View rapidly be coming to an end?

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