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How Much Was In Blue Ivy's Bag During Her Date With Dad?

Gettyimages | Allen Berezovsky
By Desmund Ullrich

Most kids can escape the pressure of fame, but if your name so happens to be Windsor, Trump, Jenner, Kardashian, West, Beckham, or Carter you have to learn some art forms that other children just don’t possess. Lately, 8-year-old Blue Ivy Carter has been proving that she was blessed with the gift of finesse from her parents, The Carters themselves, Jay-Z and Beyonce.

This past Sunday, prior to the NBA’s decision to suspend the season due to the coronavirus outbreak, Blue made a lasting appearance at the LA versus LA rivalry game.

Gettyimages | Harry How

Blue Ivy showed the press how poised she was during a father-daughter date with her father at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA while they watched the Clippers and Lakers go head to head.

Celebrity press photographer Allen Berezovsky, was quick with the snap and grab photos of Jay with his arms around his daughter, the oldest of three he has with wife Beyonce Knowles [Carter]. Additional photos show that the two had fun as they watched the game with smiles and laughter.

Gettyimages | Slaven Vlasic

But of course, she is the daughter of two of the number one record sellers in hip-hop, so she matched her father with style of her own. She wore Fendi combat boots and an oversized denim jacket with the phrase “BLUE IS MY NAME” printed in white lettering on the back.

After watching the Lakers win the 112 to 103 game, footage from ESPN even shows Blue making her way to Lebron with her dad, asking the champ for a signed ball. "You got school on Monday? By the time you get out of school on Monday, you'll have it," Lebron promised little Ms. Carter.

Gettyimages | Allen Berezovsky

So how much does a Carter kid carry to a sports event? That’s what one guy with a phone tried to find out while Jay-Z and Blue Ivy were on their way out for the evening. Much to the public’s surprise, Jay let his daughter answer the question.

Given the fact that Jay Z’s net worth is around $1 Billion and her mother, Queen Bey, is worth around $400 million - it’s not such a far stretch to think that Blue would have a significant spending allowance of her own for such a rare outing.

Gettyimages | Allen Berezovsky

But! Jay and Bey raised their daughter to be humble, Blue Ivy didn’t give us a clue. Though she hesitated for a second, her response was “Nothing. There is nothing.”

We already know that Jay Z is proud of his daughter’s ability to speak her mind from his appearance on David Letterman‘s Netflix show, ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction’. This situation shows that with the right guidance, fame doesn’t have to be a disaster for a child and we hope to see Blue Ivy grow into her royalty for years to come.

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